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Heap went.

Four suspects in the murder of police officers and assaulting employees of Regardie offered armed resistance during the RAID and were eliminated, said senior assistant SU TFR in the region Andrey Khegay. “The operation just completed. On the concrete slab are the bodies of the three suspects. It was a battle between law enforcement and suspects,” said Khegay, adding that the special operation took place in the industrial sector Leninsky district. He recalled that earlier it was destroyed by one of the suspects Ramzan Kukolew.

In Astrakhan on the night of 6 April, the fighters of Regardie attacked by criminals, shot last Tuesday, employees of traffic police. The operation continued till morning, once again, the attackers managed to escape and seize the weapons of law enforcement officers.Around seven in the morning the Governor of the region Alexander Zhilkin wrote on Twitter about the elimination of four suspects and the arrest of two. The official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk told TASS on the death of three criminals. During the shooting, wounding three of rogatica — two of them are in serious condition.

That’s what told Business FM about the night of the operation Astrakhan journalist Alexander Alimov,

Alexander Alimov, the Criminals tried to escape from the city and stumbled upon a post of Regardie, there is now such a huge amount was billed. A gun battle ensued after employees of Regardie tried to stop the car. As a result, one offender was killed and two or three members of Regardie wounded. The place was tightened additional forces, conducted a special operation has to destroy criminals.

The day before yesterday, the Investigative Committee said that the criminals specifically provoked the accident that came along the police. You know, why would they need it?

Alexander Alimov: it is Assumed that they did so to obtain weapons. That is on a quiet street specifically they lured the police, they came, of course, suspecting nothing, began to draw up the protocols, and they are just shot. The Investigative Committee of Russia also said that the police attacked to seize their weapons. According to law enforcement, planned other crimes, including murder. One of podozrevaemyh withdrew withdrew the entry, where he expressed extremist ushally and calls for crimes.

On the night of April 4, was killed two traffic police who have arrived for registration of an accident. They were shot in the car during a Protocol. Eight attackers also took from the police service weapon. The head of the region said then that the attackers are radical Islamists-the Wahhabis. The city was declared operational plan “Siren”. Then for any information about the whereabouts of the suspects, the interior Ministry announced a reward of 1 million rubles. zinc

Became known the details of the emergency that took place at gymnasium №5, Bolshaya Sadovaya street in Rostov-on-don.

As have told in a press-service Severo-the Caucasian district of Regardie found in unattended bag explosive device was disguised as a flashlight. A suspicious package was found on the street janitor, and decided to check its contents. When he clicked on the flashlight, worked the explosive device. The injured man – Kolesnik Dmitry Mikhailovich 46 years. In the explosion he lost his hand. Fragments of the explosive device fell to the janitor in the stomach. – The lantern was turned on. Now on a place all field services work, came the leadership of the police.Carried out quickly-investigative actions, – told “Life,” a source in law enforcement bodies of the region.
The incident occurred today, April 6, around 6:30 at the intersection of socialist and Nakhichevan alley. Currently classes in the school №5 suspended. Children are not allowed in the building of the school. The surrounding area is cordoned off by the police at the place of work sappers, intelligence agencies, Ministry of emergency situations.

In Rostov found 2 more bombs

In the sequel to
the media reported that in Rostov discovered 2 IEDs disguised as flashlights. Both devices are destroyed by a bomb, but on the application of the RF IC, explosives.

An improvised explosive device disguised as a flashlight, discovered on the street Pushkin at the monument to Vysotsky, according to the portal DonDay. Now this site of Pushkin’s blocked, works on mine.

The portal also 1Rnd announces the discovery of another explosive device on the Embankment of the river don. The scene also cordoned off by police, Riot police bomb experts are working to mobilize all emergency services of the city.
We will remind that this morning a similar explosive device detonated in the hands of a janitor near the school № 5 at the intersection of Socialist and Nakhichevan. – zinc

Did the video where you can see how unknown left on the street flashlight with explosives and the subsequent explosion in the hands of a passerby.

I wonder if the surveillance cameras to calculate the character who bombs around the city were laid.

Regarding the question – what to do with all this, then of course they should not arrange meetings and to continue the systemic struggle for the capture and elimination of terrorist cells (primarily ISIS, as they demonstrate the largest and systemic risk), to conduct explanatory work among the population in order to escalate the hysteria to explain the potential threats associated with terrorist activity. You also have the gain of filter measures on border and migration control and the fight against terrorist cells in neighboring countries, together with special services of other States.In the long term requires a system to work with Muslim youth, as well as the development of the economy of the North Caucasus, as it is the lack of clear prospects and easy answers that give advocates of jihadists who push young people to the path of terror. A similar story in Central Asia, where economic problems and the promotion of jihadism pushes young people without significant life prospects to join the ranks of terrorist groups, where there are easy answers to all the questions and promises of the afterlife.

In my opinion, hysteria and panic is not necessary, you just have to understand one simple thing – Russia is at the moment in one form or another are involved in two military conflicts, and from ISIS, Russia declared war. That is, the country is in a state of wartime. In addition, on the territory of Russia are terrorist activities, the militants of jihadi groups associated with the Caliphate “al-Qaeda”, as well as trying to conduct terrorist activities of special services of Ukraine. This situation has arisen not yesterday, and tomorrow it too will not disappear.A new normality to which we must adapt without much tantrums, rallies and shapkozakidatelstva.

The best thing the state can do is to keep your system combat these threats without too much pathos, to conduct explanatory work among citizens. The main criteria the success of state action in curbing such attacks on citizens – the number of caught terrorists and saboteurs, wrecked cells, blocked the channels of smuggled weapons, explosives and money for terrorist activities, the destruction of the basic structures of terrorist groups on the territory of other countries.100% guarantee that every terrorist will be caught of course no one can give – but if the authorities will be able to stop the maximum possible number of such attacks and to reach not only to the performers. but organiaztion, so they eat their own bread not in vain.

In the particular case, then he is not a new one. In the photo above, booby-trapped dolls from Iraq. In principle, the presence of the explosives and detonator, a doll so you can prepare to explode and throw for example to school or kindergarten. In the case of growth, the terrorist chose the flashlight. In other cases, the shell can serve as something else so the ads for transport (the”Report suspicious items”) shall be made not just this story I think deserves this is clearly an illustration.It is important to understand that if not for the work of the counter-terrorism bodies and the vigilance of the citizens themselves, such cases would have been much more.

PS. And Yes, for the attack in Astrakhan, has assumed the responsibility of Caliphate.

Terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) has claimed responsibility for an armed attack on employees of Regardie in Astrakhan. About it reports on Thursday, April 6, portal Amaq (information service of the IG).According to him, the members of the group killed Russian police on April 4, and opened fire on the post of Regardie in the Leninsky district of Astrakhan on the night of 6 April. – zinc

PS2. After the work of sappers in two other cases it was found that the lanterns were only a hoax with no explosives.

According to media reports, a third bomb was discovered on the Embankment of the river don. There arrived bomb experts, and the scene is cordoned off by Riot policemen.
As for the monument to Vysotsky, the area around it is now also cordoned off from the lane of the Serf to Nakhichevan. According to the portal of the “Big Rostov”, the bomb decided to blow up on the spot.

Later, representatives of the regional Central Board of the RF IC stated that in the found lanterns explosives were found. zinc

explosion on Pushkin.

Today, April 6, alarmed by the morning news about the explosion, the residents of Rostov several times a day reported to law enforcement authorities about suspicious objects. One of such finds was neutralized by bomb experts at the intersection of Pushkin street and castle lane. After the evacuation of all people and the cordon of the square there was an explosion. He was caught on video.

One suspicious object was found on the Playground. It neutralized the specialists with the help of controlled blasting at the crossroads of the Coast/budennovskaya. – zinc

UPD: the Alleged bomber.

There was a photo of the alleged attacker, who left a bomb near Rostov gymnasium. The man was captured on surveillance camera.

The picture shows that the probable offender was wearing a black jacket, and on her head threw the grey hoodie. At the hands of the man put on the gloves, probably to avoid leaving fingerprints on the abandoned street in the middle of the explosive device.

We will remind, explosion in the capital occurred on the morning of 6 April on the street Socialist. Unknown left a flashlight near the educational institution and fled the scene. At this moment, passing by Dmitry Kolesnik raised a dangerous subject, disguised as a lantern. The bomb exploded, tore the right hand rostovchanina and seriously injured his left. In addition, debris from the lantern penetrated the abdominal cavity Dmitry. Currently, he is in serious condition at the emergency hospital. zinc

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