The Art of the Backstab | Colonel Cassad

NKVD officer

An article by Louise Boyle in the British edition of the Daily Mail dated 30 January 2013, which shows where the legs grow from the history of bombing of Chirata.

The US “supported the plan to put Syria’s chemical attack and blame Assad regime”

emails leaked to the Network may prove that the White house approved the use of chemical weapons in Syria, writes tabloid the Daily Mail. “Such an attack could be accused of the Assad regime, which in turn would encourage the use of foreign troops in the affected country,” – says journalist Louise Boyle.

So, on Monday published the report, which cited e-mail correspondence, “two senior employees of the British company Britam Defence, fulfilling government orders” (language editions). “The letters set out a plan “approved by Washington” and explained that Qatar will Finance the rebels in Syria to use chemical weapons”, – is spoken in article.

In December, Obama said that the United States will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons Assad against the Syrians. “According the letter of December 25, was sent by the Director of Britam’s business development Director David Goulding, it was addressed to Philip Doughty, the founder of the company,” the article says.

The newspaper quotes the letter:

“Phil… we Have a new offer. Again about Syria. The Qataris offer a seductive deal and swear the idea is approved by Washington.
We will have to deliver a CW to HOMS (abbreviation, which can mean a chemical weapon – “chemical weapons”. – Approx. ed.), chemical projectile (in the original g-shell) of Soviet origin from Libya similar to those that should be Assad. They want us to sent our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video document.
Honestly, I don’t think it is a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. What is your opinion?

Sincerely, David”.

The newspaper reports: Britam Defence and the US state Department has not yet responded to a request for comment on information.

Who published these emails? “Malaysian hacker who also produced a summary and copies of passports of top managers via an unprotected company server,” – says the publication, referring to Cyber War News.

The newspaper also reminds that on January 28 at a press briefing in Washington, the question was raised about the use of chemical weapons. The representative of the administration said that the United States after the international community “in relation to the effects of the use of chemical weapons has established a regular “red lines”.In addition, the blog The Cable of Foreign Policy magazine (USA) has published several articles on the dispatch of US Consul General in Turkey, where it was reported about the investigation of the version that the Syrian army used chemical weapons in HOMS in December zinc the original publication (currently removed) – saved a copy of the publication of Boyle

In General, this scheme is though not new, but as practice shows, is quite efficient. It is possible that financial sponsors have the same provocations Qatar and Saudi Arabia (which makes no sense to count the us spending is likely to strike pay for other countries).

PS. C 0 hours 8 APR Russia suspends contacts with U.S. on Syria.

PS2. And for those who are worried, in the main picture fresh caricature from Harrison, as well as his caricature of 2013 as a reminder.


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