The Russian Federation has confirmed the identity of a suicide bomber | Colonel Cassad


The investigative Committee officially confirmed that the suicide bomber blew himself up in the St. Petersburg metro native of Kyrgyzstan Akbarjon Jalilov.

The investigative Committee confirmed that the attack in St. Petersburg metro 3 APR made the 22-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan Akbarjon Jalilov. This is stated in the message Department, arrived in edition “” on Tuesday, April 4.
Forensic experts found his genetic traces on the bag with a bomb left at the metro station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”. The IED was timely detected by the subway employee and defused by the security forces. According to the UK, Jalilov left the second bomb in the bag at the station “Ploshchad Rebellion”, and then made undermining in the train, EN route from the metro station “Sennaya Ploschad” to the “Institute of Technology”, in which 14 people died. These findings, the investigators made after viewing the recordings from the cameras. – zinc

Plus some details about Calilove.

Friends with Akbar Jalilov — a total of 19 people, Hobbies — martial arts. The user was subscribed to the group “I love Islam” and “IslamHouse”. The profile also stated that on April 1 the young man’s birthday, this year he was 22 years old. Jalilov was not an active user and, apparently, have not went to your page. There are several photographs in which the user is depicted in the company of friends.
Familiar Jalilov said that for some time the alleged perpetrator worked at the St. Petersburg sushi bar chef. Colleague’s young man Ali Matkarimov reported that Jalilov was not religious — “even the prayer was not read.” – zinc is

the Parents of the suspect in the terrorist attack of Akbarjon Jalilova live in Osh in the neighborhood of Amir-Timur. At the moment they are interrogated in the office of the state Committee for national security of the Republic.

As found “Газета.Ru” that Kyrgyz security forces now find out when Jalilov was fascinated by the ideas of radical Islam and who recently kept in touch. The sources “Газеты.Ru” in law enforcement bodies told that the spetsuchet Jalilov was not involved in the crimes were not seen. According to the interlocutor, the Kyrgyz police took almost 12 hours to figure out what kind of Calilove question.

“The fact that the father Jalilova is a citizen of Russia, — said the source “Газете.Ru”. — In 2011 he took his son with him to St. Petersburg. There they both worked in the garage: they are the repairers.”

In this case, before departure, said the source, Jalilov, Jr. received Russian citizenship. It is noteworthy that applied for the citizenship of his father. To this end, he appealed to the Russian Consulate General in Kyrgyzstan, and it was there that he was given a passport. According to the interlocutor, the last time Jalilov came to his parents in late February, and flew on 3 March. In this departure, the officer noted another oddity: usually, Jalilov Jr. always flew directly in Pulkovo. But this time he flew to Domodedovo airport in Moscow.Now, according to “Газеты.Ru” the security forces find out who he could meet in the capital. It is not excluded that in Moscow at the moment are the organizers of the terrorist attack.

According to sources, “Газеты.Ru”, Jalilov was committed to the ideas of one of the banned in Russia as extremist organizations associated with the so-called “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia). “Now investigators find out the whole circle of his acquaintances and connections”, — said the source. According to the publication “”, Jalilov lived in St. Petersburg over the last six years. – zinc

In General, as mentioned earlier is important to establish whether it was the fanatic loner having read the jihadist propaganda or he acted in a group (more likely).

About one thing and another high-profile murder that has remained somewhat in the shadows of explosions in St. Petersburg.

It is reported that caught the suspects in the shooting of the Astrakhan police.

Police detained two suspects in the murder of traffic police last night in Astrakhan,” – said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.
As previously reported, 4 APR 2017 00 o’clock 53 minutes in Leninsk area of Astrakhan Gas on the street was an audacious armed robbery and murder of police officers. During checkout of an accident, the attackers opened fire on the police. 35-the summer senior Lieutenant of police Vladimir Dyakonov and his partner, 36-year-old police Lieutenant Dmitry Students were killed. The scene the bandits had disappeared.
The dead guards had different rewards. So, Vladimir Dyakonov was awarded the medal of the Ministry of interior of Russia “For distinguished service” III degree. Dmitry previously served as Students in the Riot, was on a business trip in the North Caucasus, and last summer have prevented the suicide of 17-year-old girl. Both have children. zinc

Kyrgyz trail

NKVD officer



Likely perpetrator of the terrorist act in the subway of Saint-Petersburg was a Russian citizen, a native of Kyrgyzstan 22-year-old Akbarjon Jalilov, said the security services of the Republic. As previously reported “Interfax”, the suicide bomber acted alone. “Kommersant” pointed to the fact that the explosion was preparing an organized group

Intelligence agencies of Kyrgyzstan said that the explosion in the subway could have made the native of the Republic, a Russian citizen Akbarjon Jalilov. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the State Committee for national security (SCNS) of the Republic. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, “the possible perpetrators of terrorist acts according to preliminary data, is a native of Osh, is now a Russian citizen Akbarjon Jalilov born in 1995”.

The official representative of the national security Committee Rakhat Sulaimanov confirmed to Interfax that the probable perpetrator of the terrorist act in the subway of St. Petersburg is a native of Kyrgyzstan.
According to him, currently the Kyrgyz intelligence services are in contact and are working together with their Russian colleagues regarding the incident in St. Petersburg.

The source Agency in law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstan said that “in the lists of SCNS corresponding structures in Osh verify all information regarding the possible perpetrators of terrorist acts in St. Petersburg. To address Bureau to find out all information associated with it: nationality, place of residence, when departed from Kyrgyzstan to Russia, the relationship”. – zinc – Pro Jalilova

PS. About Kyrgyzstan and possible Islamist trail that leads there, just to remind the situation in 2015-the year when the flow nekrutov in the IG from Central Asia was the highest, and the group was at its peak.

Arthur Medetbekov noted that the ranks of ISIS militants join not only the military of Saddam Hussein, but in General soldiers and officers from all over the world, reported online newspaper the post-Soviet Congress.
– Most often offended by their own state people who joined the terrorists simply to avenge himself. However, not all supporters of the “Islamic state” have such goals. Among those who went to Syria to fight on the side of the insurgents, there are those who sincerely believe that we are on the path to Jihad. And, of course, there are those who have a financial interest. As you know, ISIS paid good money to his associates. I would also add that the “Islamic state” attracts to its ranks the representatives of the criminal community, prisoners and wanted citizens.He also recalled that ISIL has allocated $70 million to destabilize the situation in Central Asia. Note that on July 16, employees of special services of Kyrgyzstan have been destroyed by the militants of the “Islamic state”, which according to official figures, had intended to organize a terrorist attack in the center of Bishkek.

– Unfortunately, the supporters of ISIL becomes more every day. Some of the ideological impulses travel to the war zone in various devious ways. Others remain at home, but keep in touch with those who are there. According to our information, the Islamic state has separate battalions of the Uzbek and Tajik militants. From Kyrgyzstan, according to reports from law enforcement agencies, the terrorists are fighting about 400 people. But, this is only the number of those who were identified. And how much is actually our citizens in Syria, is unknown.

Arthur Medetbekov stressed that the biggest threat now hanging over Kyrgyzstan, as it is a high level of democracy at the hands of the militants.
To hit us they can on election day. If suddenly there will be a misunderstanding, then that might be exploited by the militants to destabilize the situation. Unfortunately, we already had a similar experience. In 2010 during the April revolution, the members of the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan took an active part in the seizure of government House. Also they were handing out weapons to citizens, then to Bishkek from their hands, one person died. Then in Osh they killed a woman with a child and five security personnel. Many of them were arrested, but there are those who ran away.It should be recalled that recently joined ISIS.

Continuing the interview, the analyst noted that, to prevent the recruitment of Kyrgyz citizens, the authorities need to take drastic steps.
If necessary, it is necessary to revise the law. Requires strict control in the registration of citizens travelling abroad. We have a visa-free regime with 45 countries, including Qatar, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates. And this is the way to Syria. We don’t even know how many of our young people now, for example, in Turkey. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a visa regime with Turkey, at least for citizens up to 30 years in order to keep a record. I want to emphasize that this is only for security purposes. In addition, at least to confront terrorism, we need to increase the number of people working on exactly this problem, that is, the right personnel. Also need support in terms of equipment, funding, compulsory life insurance, etc. But this is not to place all the blame on intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies. This phenomenon must be fought at the state level.The media also needs to tell about this problem to society.

In turn, member of the Committee on defense and security of Kyrgyzstan’s Parliament, MP Nazarali Aripov expressed the view that to expect the invasion of militants “Islamic state” is not worth it. According to him, representatives of the organization are already present in the Republic.
Today the country needs to be afraid of religious internal problems than external. Because now we have the big omission in this direction. The number of extremists in Kyrgyzstan is growing every day and without the help of ISIS.In order to solve this problem, you need to begin ideological reform. Working in the correct religious education is not at the level at which we would like. It is because of ideological and explanatory shortcomings we are faced with the fact that our citizens are sent to fight in Syria on the side of the militants. If the state will be able to work in this direction, the threat of destabilization and conflict will be reduced to a minimum. The head of state tries to do something, but so far no results.I, in turn, want to report that to resort to any drastic measures is not necessary. Meanwhile, the MP has not explained exactly how you need to start the ideological reform in Kyrgyzstan. – zinc

In the latter case, the omission is characteristic not only of Kyrgyzstan, as Russian citizens in Syria are also fighting a lot. Some of them then come back.
However, for the terrorist attack, not necessarily to go to fight in Syria or Iraq. Formed ISIS cell in the CIS, as shown by a variety of materials on the detention of terrorist groups, often use local staff that the war did not go, but it is currently preparing to carry out terrorist acts, and their indoctrination passed through “distance learning”.
In General, we will see where will the Kyrgyz trail. In General, the version with ISIS or another Islamist group looks more realistic.

PS. We yesterday in memory of the victims wore flowers to the Alley of Cities-Heroes on the memorial sign of Leningrad.

Donetsk with you


The children of Donetsk in memory of those killed in Saint Petersburg.



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