The SAA counter-offensive in Northern Hama. 03.04.2017 | Colonel Cassad



Briefly about the development of the SAA counter-offensive in Northern Hama by 3 April 2017.

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By 3 April, the SAA has firmly having the operational initiative, continues to develop the offensive in the southern part of El Latnenskogo of the ledge, where more recently, the enemy tried to break through to the capital of the province.
After the withdrawal of the militants from the area Khattab, the SAA makes an advance on a broad front, seeking to break the defense of militants in the front – Alfa – Tablet-al-Imam – Suran.

This morning was finally released Mardas (after the battle which lasted several hours, the remnants of the militants withdrew to the Souran), occupied by the enemy during offensive operations on March 29, when militants knocked out the Syrians after the attack, bombings and powerful artillery barrage. Also was released a number of small villages. The enemy, taking from the main forces of Khattab and stop trying to break into Hama, went on the defensive and by reducing the front line, trying to hold the position in the southern part of the ledge.Since the onset of the SAA is quite straightforward, the events develop in the framework of the marginalization of the enemy – sagging flank of the militants in the area of Maan and Kawkab so far, the major impact is not exposed, although the blow to bypass the Suran from the North is quite obvious. However, so far, the SAA applies emphatically in a straight line, taking away from the militants that they were able to capture at the end of March.In the end, after the loss of militants Maanasa them from significant acquisitions were only Souran, on the approaches which are already fierce battles with advancing units of the Syrian army. Both sides continue to incur substantial losses in manpower and technology.


In General, the situation for the SAA continues to improve and we can talk about the operational crisis being almost completely resolved. Moreover, having the operational initiative and its advantage in manpower and technology, SAA can try to solve more serious tasks than just take away from the militants that they were able to capture in March. The fighters, drawn into the epic battle in Northern Hama, failed to achieve decisive results, losing to the beginning of April, most of the achieved benefits. The loss of Souran and the continuation of the offensive of the SAA on the agenda may be a question of preservation of the ledge, which has already more than two years plagued with SAA.

It is expected that with the completion of the operations in Northern Hama, SAA in Eastern ghouta, on the Western borders of the province of raqqa (to advance to the borders of the American enclave in the area of Tabqa) and will actively develop operations in the area of Palmyra (where now there is a painful attack by the Caliphate from the surrounding oil fields) with a view to moving towards Deir-ez-Zor.

Lose Shaheed-mobile out of the Cornet.

A hit from a TOW on a group of Syrian soldiers.

Getting into the T-72.

The battery of “Grads”. feed military events in Syria for 03.04.2017

Stauffenberg was Right!

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