Aleksandr Dugin: Inside the Kremlin’s ideology |

“Diaboliku” Aleksandr Dugin: Inside the Kremlin’s ideology

“We are faithful to Christianity, you are sexual perverts.”

Interview with “the brain” of Vladimir Putin: “Europe once admired the intellect, not these postmodern idiots”

Europe and the United States often they have exchanged the favor Aleksandr Dugin. A year ago, the famous Russian political analyst has closed the door in Greece. accompanied by the Moscow Patriarch Kiril for a conference on Mount Athos, Dugin was detained at the Thessaloniki airport and communicated his entry into the EU territory was banned. A year ago, the US Treasury Department put him on the list of Russian citizens under the sanction of the Ukrainian crisis. A month later it was Canada that was put under embargo Dugin. To have written to all of that call, “Putin brain”, “Foreign Policy” to “Il Sole 24 Ore”, a few days ago called “Rasputin Putin.” The son of a Soviet officer, a dissident in Eighty years of Yeltsin’s opponent in the nineties, Dugin is a Russian thinker that an Australian magazine writing “Quadrant” has called “a crazy aware postmodern”. A crazy with important political access. His book, “Foundations of geopolitics” is used in military schools, Dugin is a fixed presence in Tsargrad television (desired patriotic channel from the Kremlin and funded by billionaire Konstantin Malofeev) and when Turkey has rejected two Russian planes, he using his contacts in Ankara Putin to help comply with Erdogan. Philosophy and cultivates relations across Europe, such as Greece, which is friendly with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, as it also appears that there is a link with Steve Bannon, the right wing of Donald Trump at the White House. Dugin gave this exclusive interview to “Il Foglio” to explain not only his ideas but also the vision that guides Putin’s Russia. At the Munich Conference on Security, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke about the emergence of a “pasperëndimor order”. This is Dugin cigars.

How close are you with Putin?

“It’s hard to say, I am not so close to the President as some think, but many ideas that I expressed in philosophy, politics, have influenced many including Putin. It should not be exaggerated, although it is true that there was a genuine influence on my ideas to the President. Ideas have one of their own destiny and can influence policy logic and history. Ideas are living entities and can find many ways to reach people. The problem with the West is precisely this, is that no longer believes in the idea, that in the West is no longer recognized. ”

Where born of his cultural antipathy to Europe, it seems that so much has inspired Putin?

“Today Western Europe is in the trap of modernity and postmodernity, the liberal modernization project goes towards freeing individuals from all restrictions of society, spiritual tradition, with family, humanity itself. And also it frees by their gender and one day from his human nature. Understanding today is the liberation project policy. European leaders can not stop this process, but can only continue: more immigrants, more feminism, more open society, more sex, this is the line that does not discuss European elites. And they can not change course. But the more time passes, the more people disagree. The answer is the reaction that grows in Europe and elites who want to stop being demonized. European elites are ideologically oriented ideological liberalism “.

In Moscow, the victory of Donald Trump, to use a euphemism, is expected to favor?

“Trump in the United States has taken power by the slightly changed this situation and Europe is today isolated. Russia is today one of Europe’s number one enemy, because our president does not share this postmodern liberal ideology. We are ideological struggle, but this time is not between communism and capitalism, but between liberal politically correct elite, aristocracy globalization and who does not share with them this ideology, as Russia’s work, but also the Trump. Western Europe is decadent, losing all identity and it is not due to natural processes, but ideological. liberal elites want Europe to lose its identity, with immigration policy and gender inequality. Thus, Europe lost strength, lost the opportunity to reaffirm, its inner nature. In terms of intellect, Europe is very weak, it is weak culturally. Just to see how journalists and cultural circles to discuss Europe’s problems, I do not recognize this Europe. Thought stands at the lowest possible level. Europe was the homeland of the logos, of intellect, of thought and today is a caricature of himself. Europe is weak spiritually and mentally. It is not possible to recover, because political elites would not let him. Europe will be more and more contradictory, more and more stupid. Russians have to save Europe from liberal elites who are destroying. ”

But Russia should not aspire to move closer to Europe, it appeared after the fall of communism?

“Russia is a particular civilization, Orthodox Christian. There are similar aspects between Europe and Russia, but after the fall of communism, when Russia was closer to the West, we realized that Europe was no longer himself, that was a parody of freedom that was decadent and postmodern, that sat in total decomposition. The West should not have us as an example to follow, so we wanted an inspiration to Russian identity and have found that this difference is between Catholicism and Orthodoxy, between Protestantism and Orthodoxy. We Russians are heirs to the Roman tradition, Greek, Byzantine, faithful to the ancient Christian soul of Europe has lost any connection with this tradition. Russia can be a point of support for European restoration, we are more European than these European Russians. We are Christians, we are heirs of Greek philosophy. ”

In the center of Dugin’s opinion, supports the fight against liberalization, is Eurasia, in justification of Moscow’s ambition to return to the former Soviet lands, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, to restore domination over non-Russian populations, reaching decide up a protectorate over the European Union?

“Neighboring countries were artificial edifice with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union and communism did not exist before. They are the result of the collapse of communism. It was actually part of a Eurasian civilization and a revolutionary Russian Empire. No aggression from Putin, but the restoration of a Russian civilization was dismantled. These charges are the result of fear of Russia reaffirmed independent power and would not protect her identity. Ukraine, Georgia and Crimea have made many mistakes against Russia and attacked Russian minorities living in these countries. ”

But you’ve conquered … .. !!!!

“Russia with great force responded to Georgian rights violations, oshece, Ukrainian, Abkhaz, Crimean. Europe can not understand the political act par excellence, sovereignty, because she herself has lost control of its sovereignty. Trump has begun to change the situation in the United States and recalled that sovereignty is a valuable and we Russians with Putin here we remember the world before him. ”

So Russia will cast eyes from the NATO countries on its border, the issue of Kaliningrad, formerly Königsberg, homeland of Kant, wedge between East and West?

“Geopolitical, Baltic countries not included in the sphere of Russian interests in Georgia are a stabilizing moment, the problem remains with Ukraine, as the situation is not peaceful, have not liberated territories where pro-Russian identity is dominant, which is the victim of a mixture of neo-Nazi and neoliberal. Ukraine will remain the number one problem, but with the advent of Trump exists the probability of exiting from the logic of war “.

Europe and Islam. Putin boasts of having built a concordat with Islam in Russia, Europe and Islam is under attack?

“The problem is not with Islam, but with elites who have been allowed to enter millions of Muslims, not integrated, because there is a gap without an identity. In this liberalism is not cultural assimilation, Europeans can not propose to immigrants a value system, but only moral corruption. This suicide European policy can not be accepted by Muslim immigrants. Europe also commits to decide Muslims, especially the fanatics fundamentalists, while continuing to destroy itself and on the other hand think liberal elites. Wahhabi ideology and the Islamic State is the problem, not the traditional Islam is itself a victim of Islamic fanaticism. Without this immigration policy that Islam exists in its territories would not represent any danger for Europe. ”

3 years, Russia has built the image of a country that adopts the opposite policies with those of Europe?

“Gay marriage and LGBT issues are political, not moral. Not surprisingly, the libertarian ideology wants to deconstruction idea of men and women. Putin has understood this very well and has begun to react against this vision that destroys society. This is not personal and individual choice problem, no laws against homosexuality, but laws against gay propagation of this ideology that destroys collective identity that destroys families, destroys the sovereignty of the state seeking to change civil society. There is a moral or psychological issues, but political. ” Dugin is considered a major supporter of Putin, but here reveals limits. “History is always open, we can not say what will happen to Russia. To create a future strong and healthy for Russia should make more effort, nothing is guaranteed, there are many challenges to Russia and Putin has managed to respond to many of them, winning. The problem in our country consists strength and our weakness, Putin guarantees Russia’s sovereignty and identity, returning to the scene of great Russia, but we are also weak, because Putin is representing himself, has failed to create a legacy that can guarantee the survival of the idea of Russia. How long is Putin, Russia hopes to be strong, but Putin is a problem because it has institutionalized his line of thought. Today’s Russia is Putinocentrike “.

I mean, look at what the future for Europe?

“I am a follower of Rene Guenon, who has identified the crisis of Western society long before the XXI century. The shape of Europe’s spiritual degradation began with modernity, loss of Christian identity, but peaked in the nineties, when all institutions were plazmuan right-liberalism in the economy and left liberalism in culture. Approval of gay marriage has made me realize that where Europe is going. Soon will be achieved in the final moment, then it will be chaos, civil war, destruction. Maybe it’s too late to reversing the situation. ” (Il Foglio)


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