Hama. 25.03.2017 | Colonel Cassad



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Briefly about the developments in Northern Hama.

By March 25, the situation for the SAA continues to be challenging, but already observed the first signs of stabilization of the situation.

During yesterday’s fighting in the Western part of al Lataminah, the SAA was able to retain the city Mahardah and to prevent the detour of the militants to the North-West of the city, which was sent to Marafu, in order to cut off the city and its garrison from the main forces of the Syrian army. As a result, the rebels were forced to set aside part of the occupied territories and to withdraw to the North and SAA has retained a kind of lip that hangs over the flank and rear of the militants leading the offensive in the area of Khattab. In case of loss of fighters operational initiatives, district Mahardah will be the most obvious base for carrying out counter-offensive.

In the Eastern part of the ledge, SAA and militants exchanged a number of blows South of Maan, which was not given decisively result one of the parties. The militants have lost momentum, and SAA was able to slow the development initiatives of the militants in this area. However, fighting continued here, and in the morning, so what about the total elimination of the menace the streets of Maan to speak while early. On the morning of the SAA reported that recaptured the village of Kawkab South of Maan and eliminated the wedging of fighters in its defense.

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The most fierce fighting on March 23-24 unfolded in the area of Khattab, Azreh and Qomhana. During the counter-attack on 23 March, the 11th division managed to push the militants from Arcea and get to Khattab, but the militants eventually kept Khattab and again took Arzeh, the army retreated to the military base near the town, was thus left an important height to the South-West of Azreh. To repay an offensive outburst here still fails.

More successful cases were developed for the SAA in the course of fighting Kahana. Militants launched a strong attack to seize the city and were even able to go into it, but was faced with the reserves of the SAA, which came from the Louts. During a collision of urban fighting, the rebels were defeated, some of them were in a tactical environment, where they suffered significant losses, after which the militants retreated from the city. As noted Syrian sources, the serious help of the army have been able to provide local militias, which took an active part in fights for the native city.

On both sides there is a pulling up of reserves, observed the movement of convoys of gunmen to the South of Idlib. SAA in turn bring reinforcements from the Damascus and Aleppo, meaning that the load operation on both sides increase. In the battle from both sides involved about 13-16 thousand. It is worth noting one important fact is that among the equipment of fighters lit up a Turkish infantry fighting vehicles https://goo.gl/oAvsIF that the Turks are abundantly transferred to militants for operations against the Caliphate in al-Baba. Now one of them emerged in North Hama.

Overall, the rebels still possess the operational initiative and the consequences of the breakthrough of the front in Northern Hama are too early to see, but appropriate reserves in Maan district and to the North of the provincial capital have entered into and at once slowed the militants ‘ advance. The active work of the Russian Air force and the Syrian air force, also contributes to inhibition of the attack of the enemy. Apparently it will take another few days to stabilize the front of Hama to the North and begin to eliminate the consequences.


 And there’s our old acquaintance, the T-90 captured by militants of the “Noureddine al-Zinki” in the summer of 2016 during the fighting the farm on the Mull.

Then for a few hundred thousand dollars it was purchased by “al-Nusra” and finally emerged under the flag of the militants during the offensive on Hama.

Will be interesting to see if they can handle it.


Militants planning.

Aviation operations in Northern Hama.

Transportation TOS-1 in area of Tartus. Presumably, the machine will send to Hama.

The Militia Of Comana.

“Tigers” in the area of Kahana.

After a successful battle.

https://goo.gl/WSsr2o the summary of military events in Syria from Anna-News for 24.03.2017

http://chervonec-001.livejournal.com/1809651.html with a little bit more texture in Hama at a Tenner

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