The Caliphate has claimed responsibility for the attack in Chechnya | Colonel Cassad


In Chechnya, militants attacked a part of Regardie.

Six of the eight militants who tried to break into the territory of part of Regardie in the village of Naur in Chechnya, was neutralized.

As reported by TASS, citing a source in law enforcement bodies, two of the attackers managed to escape.

The source noted that the loss from the security forces are now specified and clarified that shootout near a checkpoint occurred between 02:00 and 03:00 am.
The circumstances of the incident are being investigated, the power structures of area work in the strengthened mode. zinc

The bandits discovered firearms and ammunition and the bodies of two of them – a fake suicide belts. “Unfortunately, failed to avoid losses from fighters of Regardie. Among the soldiers there were dead and wounded,” – said the NAC.

Currently active phase of the operation to destroy the bandits completed. On the scene vzryvotehniki FSB of Russia, are operational-search activities and investigations, is the identification of gang members. zinc

PS. This is a reminder that insurgents, though driven to a desolate underground, but they are still capable of the occasional big projects. In this case, apparently, they have not really happened, although according to the chosen goals, plans, they clearly had more ambitious than to make a batch with a one-way ticket at the checkpoint.

UPD: the national antiterrorist Committee reported that the attack killed 6 servicemen of Regardie


Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Islamic State, and more specifically, if the Wilayah of “Caucasus”.

This information has been officially confirmed in Regardie, saying that thus Regardie in Chechnya is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism.

Actually, there is nothing to be surprised with IG Russia is in a state of war that only one territory of Syria is not limited. The regime in raqqa quite officially declared war on the Russian Federation, and also announced territorial claims associated with the North Caucasus. Therefore, war is waged not only in Syria, which is clearly shown by the undermining of the airliner over the Sinai by militants of Vilayat “Sinai”, as well as periodic forays by militants of Vilayat “Caucasus”.In addition, the Caliphate hasn’t given up hope associated with deploying a full-fledged terrorist network on the territory of Central Russia, which is reflected in the periodic reports of the FSB associated with the defeat of another cell of IG.

So what happened in Chechnya, a reminder of the fact that the country is in fact living in a state of war, although due to the remoteness of the main TVD from the Russian border, it is not as noticeable as in Egypt, where the country is a full war with ISIS. We have thanks to the work of the security services, Vilayat “Caucasus” and could not enter the stage of “pre-territorial control” that inhibits the development of traditional structures of the IG relies on local staff working “on the franchise”. But to organize occasional attacks by militants are quite capable.

Some reasonably ask the question – “what about the war in the far outskirts?”

War on the distant approaches as walking and talking – that’s where destroyed at this stage, the bulk of the fighters and their resources. If for Russia, the murder of 6-8 fighters it’s an event, for Syria is almost daily routine – every dead so the gunman of the IG come from the CIS means that with high probability then not have to kill in Russia.

You just have to understand that the defeat of the quasi-terrorist state with its capital in raqqa, a severe blow to the entire system of Vilayat scattered around the world and weaken the system pressure on other countries, including Russia, which is valid on the territory of Wilayah “Caucasus”. These things are not mutually exclusive, but complementary.It is necessary to destroy the Islamic State and its public institutions (the government, the army, the state propaganda system, economic unit), and to combat his cells and the wilaya to prevent its revival in other regions, because these advocates of total Jihad will not stop, will not stop them. Russia is at this stage among those who stops them. For this she pays and will pay a significant consumption of resources and most importantly, blood.In these circumstances, the main task in my opinion, to minimize civilian casualties and military and to strengthen the work of intelligence agencies to identify cells of a Caliphate on the territory of the country, as well as channels of penetration of the emissaries on the Russian territory. To destroy ISIS in the foreseeable future is unlikely to succeed (it was too strong let the roots of this plague), but to degrade ISIS to the level of threat from conventional terrorist in my opinion it is really prolonged and systematic work.

There is no choice – to fight or not to fight against the Caliphate. “Black” don’t really care you’re fighting with them or not – if you do not accept the regime in raqqa and its understanding of Islam, you are the enemy if necessary, and availability, it is necessary to destroy or convert by persuasion or threat of death.Those who do not understand, the advice is often to look at what is happening in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and many other countries, where the fact that we occasionally occurs in the North Caucasus, is repeated in a much larger scale, although some of these countries the war has not been announced. The same applies to Europeans who think that the rise of ISIS because of supported by the US and the EU in the “Arab spring” they do not have to worry. Blunt explained it in Paris, nice, Brussels.

This is the war that will run regardless of the fact, whether you like it or not. This is not a war that will be handsome, chivalrous and sublimely romantic – it will be a long bloody and dirty work that needs to be done.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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