SAA liberated Deir Hafir | Colonel Cassad

Officer of the red army

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Today, the Syrian army finally liberated the town of Deir Hafir, East of the airbase Kuwayris. To discourage him tried in the fall of 2015, but then it does not matter. In March 2017, the issue was finally resolved.

The troops of the Caliphate predictably threw the position into the flap in the pot and retreated to the South-East, moving in the direction of the administrative borders of raqqa province. In addition to the onset of the SAA in Deir-Hafer and Euphrates, additional problems fighters gives us a bridgehead on the southern Bank of the Euphrates, which on the one hand cuts off the way to Raqqa to SAA along the banks of the Euphrates, and on the other hand, breaks the supply of the remaining troops of the Caliphate in the Eastern province of Aleppo. In this regard, even though the transfer of the “Tigers” in Hama, SAA is not likely to stop the offensive and will continue to drive the rebels to the borders of Raqqa province.

The current balance of forces and the operational problems of the militants, it quite have.

With the fall of Deir-Hafer, you can say that the Caliphate in the province of Aleppo suffered a complete defeat, losing all their key cities (Manbij, Dzharablus, al-Bab, al-Rai, Deir Hafir, Dabic).

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The offensive zone of the 11th division and the “Tigers”.

PS. Plus the more or less positive news out of Northern Hama. Counterattack of the 11th division and parts of “Tigers” helped to repel the militants Khattab (or most of it, as the militants claim that the fighting in the village itself).

I can assume that the suitable provisions in force on the alarming situation at the front entered the fray in parts, in process of arrival. In this regard, counterattack rather are designed to slow down the advance of ISIS, rather than immediately chase them back. However, the fighting in the area Khattab is ongoing, so while it is not necessary to do from this local counter-attack far-reaching conclusions, especially since even this morning, militants tried to storm Arzeh and even went to the village itself.


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The operational situation continues to be severe. Militants in addition to the pressure on the front of Hama to the North trying to move South from Maan and at the same time trying to surround the part of the Syrian troops to the South-East of El-Latmin.

Militants in Arteche.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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