The crisis in Northern Hama | Colonel Cassad


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The evening of March 22 the case of the SAA in Northern Hama worsened. The militants took Suran and has moved to the South, about the same place where they successfully attacked in September 2016, when their advance was halted by the reserves of the SAA, as well as internal strife. At this point, the attack is carried out by radical groups under the leadership of “al-Nusra”, which took part of his forces from the region of Idlib, to conduct offensive operations separately from the opponents of the “Ahrar al-sham” and the Syrian Free Army. The Syrians first blow broke and began to retreat to Hama and Mardas that has led to the need to intensify air strikes of the Syrian air force and videoconferencing at the advancing militants. Apparently, the question of accelerated surveys of the reserves to the front in Northern Hama as well as the agenda. The most likely options for strengthening the front to remove some of the forces from the fronts near Damascus, or from near Aleppo to stop the advance of insurgents to recover lost ground and finally cut El Latinski projection, which is already a year and a half annoy the Syrians.Of course, the militants will seek during the offensive, at least to take Mardas, Maan and height to the North of the provincial capital, where they were stopped in September. For SAA what is happening right now, this is the third failure in the Northern Hama this kind (this was the September retreat 2016 and a failed offensive in November 2015). Like here again “the Tigers” didn’t have to pull out as a fire team. While we are talking about the deployment of additional infantry and tank units to the front of Hama to the North, to hinder the rebels success. The problem is quite simple – to stop the advance of militants to gradually aircraft could do their work and to disorganize them from the rear, knocking on the capabilities of the equipment, and then the accumulation of reserves, it was possible to carry out a counteroffensive with the aim of returning of the lost positions.

The direction of the main fighters are up to 3 thousand infantry and up to 20-25 units of various armored vehicles, a few dozen carts + up to 30 guns and mortars with a caliber exceeding 100mm.

Overall, not deadly, but unpleasant. More serious problems Syrians can arise if they fail to hold the defense of Hama to the North and the enemy rolled on near the outskirts of the city, threatening the provincial capital, and then a foothold there, he can pull up additional forces from Idlib to try to move in a very Boor.

The situation itself of course is not new, as the current crisis. We will see how the Syrian command will solve it. For “Al-Nusra”, is the first major success in 2017 after a series of various failures.

Syrian infantry could wish for in these conditions of resistance, and our pilots well-aimed bombing.

Killed Syrian soldiers.

Dead militants “Al-Nusra”.

Photos of Suran.


Syrian reinforcements sent to the Northern Hama.


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