Israel acknowledged the loss of the UAV | Colonel Cassad



The continuation of the story The Syrian army stated on March 17 that  during a RAID on a convoy “Hezbollah” shot down an Israeli aircraft. The IDF then officially denied any losses, but today admitted that during the RAID was lost one drone. At the same time, Israel claims that the drone fell itself, and was not shot down by Syrian air defense.

Given the fact that Israel has in this case already dissembled about the absence of losses, the new version also causes some doubt, because the fact of the opening of fire by Syrian air defenses “successfully” coincided with the loss of the drone, but it is impossible to completely exclude trivial matches. The recognition of the loss followed soon after the threats of Israel in which he promised to bomb convoys with weapons that are designed “Hezbollah” and after calling in the Israeli Ambassador for explanations in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. I would assume that these things are interconnected, otherwise it is difficult to explain why Israel initially took a position of total denial, went on not a forced recognition of losses, even regardless of were the Syrians drones or he fell for technical reasons. Although here, it may be more trivial, as “Hezbollah” last night I started to upload pictures of the downed UAV.

In the fact of destruction of the drone is not unusual, even the Caliphate has had some successes, shooting down for example the American Predator in Anbar province. The Syrian air defense is better, though of course without Russian umbrella complete Syria to counter the Israeli air force can’t. Israel periodically hunted this kind of blows the “Hezbollah” referring to the fact that in Israel it is considered a terrorist organization, at that time, as Russia, Iran and Syria considers it quite an ally. Until then, the leprosy of Israel turned a blind eye, as with him in any case, none were not going to fight, and Russia and Iran and without that cares enough related operations in other areas. By the spring of 2017, the situation in Syria has changed in favor of Assad and therefore it is a standard Israeli attack on the “Hezbollah” caused not only the reaction of Syria’s air defense, but also the reaction of the Russian Federation, which tried to convince Israel to finish such activities. How the foreign Ministry was convincing, time will tell, although knowing the practices of Israel in such matters, I would bet that they will try to test the resolve of the Kremlin in this question to set limits. Of course, the downed aircraft and killed/captured Israeli pilot, could force Israel to seriously reflect on their behavior, especially that Russia has all the resources necessary in order to provide such a precedent. But at this stage, we are still talking only about diplomatic warning against “accidentally fallen” UAV. Radical changes in the relations of Russia and Israel at the end of this story can hardly be expected.


“Hezbollah” showed fragments of the downed UAV “Elbit”, which can perform both reconnaissance and strike functions.




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