Syria has said that once again shot down an Israeli plane | Colonel Cassad



Syria said it shot down an Israeli plane.

4 Israeli aircraft crossed the airspace border of Syria to attack targets in Syrian territory (presumably, bases and areas of concentration of “Hezbollah”, against which Israel is in a hybrid war).

At the retreat, after the attacks, on them fire was opened from Syrian air defense systems. Further data disagree – Israel claims that the planes were not damaged and they all returned to base. Syria says that one of the planes was shot down.

Photos or video of a hit at the moment are not published. Also, there is no evidence that she fell on the territory of Syria.

According to Israeli figures, one of the Syrian anti-aircraft missiles were shot down by air defense of Israel A little later, there was a treatment related to the fact that the missile was fired not by Israeli aircraft, but directly to Israel.



At this stage, the statements of the parties do not allow us to 100% say that an Israeli aircraft was shot down or not shot down.

This is not the first story of this kind. For example, in September 2016, Syria also declared shot down the Israeli plane in the area of Kantara that Israel as well as now denies.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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