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Strongly recommend reading the material below. In an accessible and visual form, the author builds a detailed picture of the battle in the area of artillery base and quarter Hamdania, where in August 2016, the fate of “the mother of all battles”.

Chronicle of the ant trails

so the next batch of a series of arkaikoj. (this time sometimes 18+)

I have had a great desire to cover the whole battle in Aleppo, the mother (well, in a sense, the mother of all battles), but its significant geographical coverage and temporal duration make this virtually impossible in a single series. At the same time, didn’t want to crumple material for the sake of compactness of presentation. So I planned to make some small essays on the various parcels that could subsequently be folded the whole picture.Was selected a small area initially, it seemed that for him, hardly able to collect more or less coherent plot, but in the course of training began to accumulate more and more material. Well, what eventually happened, they learn not only all, but only the most persistent…

The review is devoted to the “ant trail” that ran from quarter Hamdania in the Northern part of the complex of academies and the events that happened to her in the period 6 August to 5 September.

To better understand the subsequent course of things, first look at the area where it all happened. As wikimapia is a lot of objects with signatures, the card taken out:

What often have been called the Academy and indicate on maps a large elongated rectangle, is a complex located close to military facilities. At the southern end are the military College of arms (or as it is sometimes called, the Academy of logistics) and artillery battalion in the centre – the territory of the artillery school (or artillery Academy), in the North – aviation technical school (sometimes it was called in the reports just a technical school or aviation Academy).The evening of 5 August blow from the quarter 1070, Barmaley was able to break into the territory of the artillery battalion, thence to the territory of the artillery school, and after going through it, was found with pot-bellied Bros from starving Aleppo, which was the second day sadly hung out at the bus station at the junction of Ramosi. After breaking into the territory of the artillery school, coming began to move from the occupied positions in two directions – in the direction of the quarter, Ramousse and in the direction of the Academy of logistics. Artillery and aircraft of government forces began launching barrage attacks on lost positions.Aviation technical school until it was away from all of these events, staying quiet island, the middle of the raging maelstrom. There was pulled up hastily gathered reserves and accumulated who managed to escape from the first two academies defence.

It is clear that in the end will remember about them (after all, aviation Academy, there are certainly too some nishtyaki?) and send a couple people to get rid of SAA and rummage around in closets.

So I had to plan a way of communication with this island, at least in order to their defenders knew where to go. For the trucks drove up the land and a bulldozer were made embankment, which the map shows a yellow crowbar with a caption in English “military mud road”. Hard to say, planning any its configuration to account for possible fights or just sent a bulldozer and he made the choice at their discretion.
According to the famous Arab habit – not to do anything unnecessary, he made an embankment on one side only: to hide behind the recently lost al-Ameria. Now look from all sides, what happened in the end.

For a start, the larger the map:

For easy orientation we will consider as the main building in this corner. Military mud road for about 350 meters suitable for a one-story building with a red roof. Judging by the bars on the Windows and the presence of the loading ramp is stock. Inside it has no longitudinal partitions, only two cross. During the presentation, I’m going to call it a storehouse. On the right almost to the end with him is a one-story building with a gray roof. Large Windows, no interior walls – I decided that it might be the dining room, and in the future I will call it that.A little deeper parallel to it is another one of the same building, and with him the third, but to us they are not interested, as they will not be around to occur for special events. If you move further towards the junction, then we get to the large building. Half of it (farthest from the dining area) three-storey, half – two. On one side of it is a canopy under which there are helicopter, airplane and other aviation props, on the other side of the MIG on a stick. I thought that the role of the main building aviation-technical schools, this house is most suitable, and it will call that way.If we move from the warehouse to the other side, in the back there is a three-storey light yellow building with narrow Windows, battlements. If I was the head of the hozchast this school – it would have chosen this building – far away from the boss and get to the kitchen. But in your description I’ll call it for simplicity the yellow house. Behind him is a concreted area, which had long been missing some kind of technique – whether training samples, or simply dead tired. Closer to the yellow house misses AMB-(ID 13012), and at the far end of the frozen road.Diagonally across the square from the yellow house is a double storey building, near which is a bunch of trucks. I will for brevity call the garage.

The buildings sorted out – now a little about the terrain. From junction at Romussi area increases in the direction of the quarter 1070. The most rapidly rising terrain to the military-a mud road, then comes the plateau. If you move in the perpendicular direction, from homes Hamdan to the database, you first need a little down in the ravine to the highway, after highway area quite briskly raised to approximately the level of the second floor extreme homes Hamdan, followed by a smooth decrease towards the territory of military schools.Thus, with the earth visible only from Hamdan comb and no buildings of the Academy are seen. And here is a view from the top floors of buildings:

We can distinguish two dominant buildings at the road closest to the base yellow trehalase with narrow Windows at a distance of approximately 550 metres from homes near the highway and the gray housing of the artillery school, similar to the accordion on the side from which the nearest of the houses from the highway a little more than a kilometer. It’s a long way to strelkovka, but for anti-tank and observation is well suited. The building of the aviation school is located to the left and entered the frame. The nearest homes over the highway from him 400 meters.

The result is that the bulk covers the shaft going down the road from al-Ameria. From the Academy of shaft covers only from those who sit in the corps aviation school, and those who live in the yellow trehalase and the main body of the artillery Academy, will see guests as soon as they rise on a roadside slope by the highway. For a complete set – a view from the Academy on the position of the SAA.

Too small, but you can see the street, the yellow trehalase and AMB-(ID 13012) next to it, right below the corps aviation school, al-Ameria, and a bulldozer with a punctured wheel.

It looked like our corner of the block 1070:

Judging by the burning tank (ID 12763) is the evening of 5 August, a breakthrough in artillery school.

The view from the area of Ramasse though beautiful, but not very useful from a practical point of view, as the area is somewhat lower and there are no tall buildings. So to see our district there can be only a drone:

At the entrance from the junction is visible in the wrecked APC.
And this is how it looks from the outside captured Barmaley August 5 the district of al-Ameriya:

Due to the fact that a strip of development between the tunnels at the interchange is located in the valley, from this quarter, it’s easy to “look at map” position at the North corner of the Academy. Visible not only the road – clearly visible reverse side of the fencing, the rear side of the front line of houses on the Academy grounds and slopes of the road. In confirmation – the view from the roof of the far houses of al-Ameria. Despite the poor quality of the video you can see a black stripe shaft which is about half a kilometer.

So, 6 Aug 2016 aviation technical Academy. Reigns is quite usual for such moments of chaos. At a time in some areas dedicated beat off attack of enemy drones

and are a serious fire of the artillery school and the Academy of logistics

in other places, there is complete idyll, as if there is no occurrence Barmaley. Quietly grazing under a canopy airplane helicopter

basking in the morning sun MIG

Our warehouse is peace and quiet. Well, not exactly of course rest – quickly take out the junk from the warehouse. Here is the area in front of the warehouses: it is worth waiting to load the truck on the right is seen the front of the yellow house

Turn left to the warehouse:

a Truck with a blue cab is also waiting for loading, along the warehouse quietly walking a couple of soldiers, with the side of a parked white van. He will urgently need after a few minutes…

Stray groups of Persikov more than once delighted us with their performances in this war. Not without them at this time. To 5 August, they were only in Ramuscak, but the next day moved to al-Ameria. Because the bulky toe dragged myself on every camel, they bought a more compact family of ATGM Fagot/Competition. The first performance they had the next day. Chose to strike the group of nets that have time off to go take a leak, and stuck in the shadow behind the fence.Soldier in a blue t-shirt passing in front of the warehouse sits and pokes at the phone, a couple of hamster sitting in the shade on his haunches, and someone just kicks noodle:

For the production of the first start-up was selected as the youngest member of the team

Three times, “Jařab,” and to shout “Allahu Akbar”:

Surprisingly, only off-tank, all at once somewhere zasobiralas – attendant actually stood up abruptly and went out into the doorway (he was lucky and he later was helping load injured), the others also began to leave, but hesitated at the exit. Because of this, two of them bad. They come the same white van, parked at a warehouse.

I’m not a doctor, but if the diagnosis on the basis of how they were loaded into a minibus, one 300 and one 200. Remarkable fact: while it was loading, all the people came to the bus and tried to run in, so eventually she had to start with the doors open, as everyone leave already did not fit.

Quite an interesting selection of targets – the previous picture shows that closer to the buildings the whole shaft was obigen soldiers like flies, but the operator why-that have chosen the “health group”. Probably the eldest in the group of Persikov just wanted to check the response to the launch of anti-tank, but it does not scare big game away. Apparently the reaction as such was absent and the second launch of “dad” decided to do it myself:

By this time a familiar truck with a blue cab has managed to stand up for loading. The number of goals eyes run 5 machines, a bunch on the porch, a handful of the shaft. And if gazelka no potatoes, and ammunition? But he on this account was my thoughts:

Aiming explicitly in the trash, but missed. Not otherwise noted on the eve of good Bros and break the blockade. Also note that this time there were people with fine mental organization, which from the porch trot rushed to the white sedan as soon as the launched rocket. Whatever it was, but the start-up cost of two more people, and if again to diagnose the quality of loading both 300. With them finally left the soldier with a bandaged head, who was unable to climb because of the crush in the first bus, and as many people as will fit in the back of a porter.To this point, white sedan has long cold trail. After some time immersed and leave the Gazelle, but the pickups will have to stay. White will constantly push on the ground, driving into the lower left corner for the Christmas tree, and red gets to the end, without moving from his seat.

Aviation is one of the main actors in this area. The building of the artillery Academy was subjected to a powerful shock from almost the moment of loss. Here’s a shot on the roof of the artillery Academy August 8,

But the cluster Barmaley on the corner of Academy

And the subsequent attack on this place

After that there is a lot of mediabyte, which, although influenced the further course of things, but not really got into the camera lens in this sector: on 8 August at the SAA replaced the commander of the defence sector, Aleppo (the new commander was General Zaid Saleh), the UN speaks of the need for humanitarian pause for recovery of electricity and water, 12 of August at the defence sector begin to arrive division of Liwa al-Quds. In the area of August 14, the section of defense visited by the Deputy Minister of defense of Syria.And by sheer coincidence, on August 14, planned large-scale offensive to remove which arrived the crew of RT and ANNA news. The plan also strikes the two sides of our property. The result – in the quarter 1070 was occupied by 25 buildings,

and attempts to penetrate the complex of academies from the junction at Romussi proved fruitless.

On our site everything is done like in the rules: first, applied air and artillery strikes.

Tightened additional forces to reinforce: there are two T-55,

to transport infantry involved BMP-2

and AMB-S with the patched Board

Gentrak trying to invigorate the infantry fire from the highway,

and the tank for a spectacular frame a little left in the aviation school and yellow house

From such attention the yellow house begins to lose person:

Went to aviation school – three holes in the roof and broken canopy with exhibits:

But all these efforts are futile – the infantry first, like cheerfully running across the highway,

and then immediately starts to gather in groups near the slopes and to wage a relentless war with drones and enemy birds.

In the end in the evening all returned to their original positions. The reporters of ANNA news, having evaluated the situation, removed a report on the results of the promotion in block 1070, and RT makes a selection of the beautiful shots from your drone, limiting the report to generalities.
This race continues for another few days, another serious attempt is scheduled for August 17.
So, early morning on August 17. Houses on the highway start to run out of soldiers, leaves the AMB, to transport the soldiers to the right flank to the pump:

a low start waiting signal T-55, the radio operator gets on the radio three green whistle

In help to the first tank from the yard leaves a T-55 with gipnoizluchatelya mounted on the gun:

and together they begin to work on the yellow house and the aviation school

Under cover of fire on the right flank the infantry runs forward to the fence and runs along it to the breach in front of the warehouse:

It is seen that a pair of T-55 not only woke the inhabitants of the yellow house noise, but also added a couple of new holes. Inspired by the silence of the enemy infantry is already comfortable with moving to the right flank:

a couple of salvos are already on the far buildings and all ready for the last throw:

the road leaves the BMP-2. So far for her crew the main problem is the private driver, he holds the direction on the road,

But he still managed not to land on the belly and not fall down sideways on the shaft and he slowly and sadly crosses the ridge, and behind him

What lies ahead? By this point running along the fence panel has already reached the break at the warehouse:

“the First is ready?” “Ready!” “Let’s go! Second ready?” “Ready!” “Let’s go! Third ready?” “Not ready!” “Still go!”
The soldiers quickly began to run to the break

In the yard, everything looked intact, only cursed Barmaley forgot to close the doors of the white pickup truck after he rolled it. Running ahead of the soldier with a backpack, he ran up on the porch and made sure that the warehouse is empty

the Soldiers continued to arrive. Seeing the camera, they were on the run to shoot to the side of the quarter, Romussi

Contact the fence – it’s not return fire, and the result of the spread when firing on the run. Realizing that so easily can fly and he, the commander waved to the soldiers ceased fire

and the remaining soldiers ran to the territory without firing

the meantime tightened and BMP-2. Fighters, shooting for the sake of the parties have come to occupy a nearby building to the side of the quarter, Romussi. Here they are in the dining room:

It immediately formed a bunch, all began to wave their arms and shoot up to celebrate. Still – a second home, and Babayev no hearing nor spirit. May have left the Academy? Next in line is the building of the aviation school. One pull, and the bold is already there.

They were catching up and more cautious comrades

Inside the building was destroyed. But there are the first traces babayskoy presence. They took off with visual AIDS aerogun, but understanding that these are mock-UPS and threw them on the tables. According to the old tradition babayskoy they painted the walls of the school author’s comments

After the building of the aviation school moving forwards in the depth of the territory

near burns something strange is

Well, everything goes according to plan, support power on the highway is simply rest

For Barmaley loss extreme North of the buildings was not very critical, is not carried direct threats, but they could be used for the accumulation of forces and the subsequent development of stroke. Much more critical was the loss of aviation Academy – with her visible interchange and the ring behind it, through which were the supply routes of encirclement. And the rapid spread of the breakthrough in the hinterland could result in the loss of the building of the artillery school, and with it control over the entire complex of buildings.
Defensive tactics of the militants on the territory of the academies was that they had left a small group of observers in the buildings of the front of the line in order to minimize losses during the shelling. In the case of CAA they usually retreated without taking the fight. When the advancing division runs forward deep enough and lost tracks from the original positions, it was applied a counter-attack on the flanks coming up from the depths of reserves. Yet the situation did not inspire fear, all was quiet and continued to arrive for reinforcements.On their delivery worked both BMP available. Here is a blank BMP-2 is back after a flight for a new party:

She was somewhere in the first third of the way back and is about to cross the road in district 1070. But on the AMB-S has arrived new party:

They just took their knots with grub and stood in the shade, as our friends from al-Ameria sent the fairing:

it Seems that the eldest of Persikov tried to make up for the not-too-successful launch:

Despite the spectacular explosion, AMB-leaving on their own – rocket hit “down there” and exploded underneath. Ptarmica technically obscure record, but on the last frame using receiveyour dust is seen as the car pulls away from the point of impact, although a couple of soldiers with nodules may well be 200 or 300.
At the same time mortar attack and counter-attack from the depths of the Academy. One group captures a section of buildings between the junction and the building of the aviation school, the other attacks from the yellow house. Among the soldiers of the SAA starts to panic, and now they are running away from the building of the aviation school:

And here is old new owners watching from the Windows of the aviation school on the upper floors of the houses Hamdan

At the end of the day, in revenge, had thrown the yellow house

And all the promising starts… According to media reports, in the course of this attack that killed Brigadier General Beebe, Bizzi, commander of the aviation technical school before his capture. Maybe it was his gray armored car so blithely stood on the highway?

If you apply the scheme of actions during the assault on the map, we get the following picture:

Thin arrows show the movement of infantry, thick – armored vehicles.

Approximately such a scheme unfolded and all of the following attempts: first, shelling by tanks from the highway, then the infantry starts walking to get to the corner of the fence, then moved along the fence and through the hole captures the warehouse, followed by a message on the armor straight across the road and the capture of the neighboring buildings of the Academy.
In the afternoon of the 17th or 18th of August there was a very unpleasant episode of the CAA. Barmaley decided to clear the remaining defenders out of the warehouse. Or maybe they just decided to withdraw, fearing that the night of a small isolated building can easily saidnot? In that moment, when the soldiers retreated on foot along the road, they hit the machine guns, most likely out of the garage and the yellow house. The retreat soon became a stampede of soldiers began to throw everything that hinders to run fast: the machines, the shots to the RPG chest racks.

On the rise to run was harder, so the density of bodies up here

After the climb the road goes slightly to the left during running. If you run along the shaft, due to the beginning of the descent, fast enough to get out of the sweep area, however, some soldiers kept a straight path and tried to cross through the shaft. On the one hand, this is reasonable – since the shaft will permanently close from the fire of the yellow house, and on the other hand, as soon as they rose on the crest of the shaft, then immediately took a bullet. Some of them fell dead on the other side, someone, the bullet slid down the slope back.

No one even tried to shoot back from the dead 16 11 lie with their heads to the side of houses and only two in the Academy.
After a while the tanks of his suppressed guns and the road drove the BMP, to collect the wounded. Place stop can be seen on the trail on the second picture.
The time of departure can hardly be seen on babayskoy drone:

Perhaps they wanted to capture the moment of the fight, but by the time the drone flew, it was over. So I could only capture the gradual withdrawal of the remaining parts:

It is seen that the dead are already on the road. Red circles circled three moving dots. They probably didn’t lost his head and waited for the fire under the fence, and now, when everything calmed down, slowly come back. It is seen that at the time the support group has implemented four tanks. Part of the soldiers, reaching the safe zone highway immediately perevalivaetsya to the shaft, to catch his breath.

Here and AMB-C, collecting the sad harvest, joins the stream of retreating. On the road there are only those who were out of luck. Note the number of traces from mortar gaps on the highway.

And finally sitting on the middle slope are beginning to leave the area. At this point, three more soldiers, caught in the moment of attack around the warehouse, come back
It’s certainly not the first aerial of the CAA, and not even the largest. Very unpleasant, but given the size of the exhaust, quite tolerant. So do not quite understand the logic of what was happening next. Instead it is expected the export of dead bodies (if not immediately, then at least the next night), they were thrown on the road. In the evening of the same day babayskie drone shot closeup a trail of bodies. But they stayed there until August 30, more than a week! All this time on the road actively went armored vehicles, periodically bumping my lying body.Even hardened Barmaley, which is easier to cut off the head than to explain to the person that he is wrong, was surprised at this course of things, and on August 27 released the video, which showed in detail how different broneedinitsy gradually unroll the body to a state of pellet.

Most likely, the spread in the network of this movie and was forced to take immediate steps to evacuate the bodies. I tried to understand the reasons for this attitude to the fallen, but nothing happened. At first I thought that the reason that this moment happened rotation units “hodgepodge” of the militia, the national guard replaced units Liwa al-Quds. The first version was the reluctance of Kudlow, risking their lives to collect other people’s dead. The second version was that left them there for the edification. Type, showed cowardice, fled and is now leaving them as a lesson to others.But in the course of further developments on the road appeared dead, and they were left lying next to the old bodies. So, both these versions are not really suited for the explanation… However, this is the army and things could be much more prosaic: collecting and burying the dead has been a separate unit, his soldiers did not wanted to join the wards and waited when the situation runs out of power and you can do the work in a safe environment. And passing by the soldiers were not eager to do the job for others. But in the meantime has not been canceled tasks to capture the base.Failed the seventeenth? Will try again the nineteenth. One of the reasons for the failure of the participants identified the weakness of the forces – did not have enough forces to secure a foothold in all the occupied buildings, so on August 19 the group was even strengthened. Added a nice green T-72

Drove more people.
It all started in the morning, traditionally to attack government forces. Two of the tank under the lenses left in the yellow building and aviation school

Infantry was slowly advancing on the field

traditionally they move along the road toward the water tower and from there go into the field towards the fence:

this time one of the supporting T-55 was made in the side of the pump and sanican among cars in the Parking lot. If he continued to stand as in this picture, all would cost only fuel run to the pump and back. But for some reason the tank had a little change of the Parking lot and immediately got into the field of view of Persikov

clearly shows that the soldiers have formed a “group health” for a meal and discussion of the latest news. Tankers too slowly roam around the tank in search of loose the nomination to the position of the parts. Such a moment for a good shot!

This time the author of the launch remains unknown, most likely because the copyright on it bought the other group. But, nevertheless, the start finally turned undeniably successful. Flying over the three groups of soldiers, anti-tank gets right on Board:

Tank immediately lights up and the soldiers from the nearest “health groups” start Jogging to pass the buck on the highway:

after a couple of minutes on this site for a full column of black smoke:

He even impressed the crew of RT, but they are so expertly filmed that it is unclear what is so spectacularly lit:

Barmaley in your pulley shots from the mortar and footage from the drone and serves all of so as if the tank was hit by mortar fire – the end of the link

Continued read online Lost Armour – 22-26 August – 27-30 August August 31 – September 5 – results

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