“Lavrov plan” is realistic and it needs to materialize | ALEXANDER DUGIN


Well-known Russian nationalist activist of the “International Eurasian movement”, the head, the scientist Alexander Dugin, as before, and today I am sure that in the zone of Karabakh conflict war հրահրողը United States of America, in particular, it was the Obama administration policy, and because these “forces” were defeated in 2016. President by election, he was elected President of Donald trump, the situation around Karabakh will increasingly regulated. in these circumstances, the most realistic including settlement, the Russian plan, known as the “Lavrov plan”: Alexander Dugin this review gave “First news”in an interview, speaking on the latest developments:

“I think Lavrov’s program is the most realistic and important to implement: Lavrov, the program assumes a final person, the status quo legal consolidation of Armenia, Karabakh and surrounding areas of return instead after This situation is resolved all points of view, and we enter into long-term stability and the world stage: It works only against America, and the rest are local and regional problems, actually obey it. If Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh authorities will act within the framework of peace-building in the spirit I believe it possible that in the near future we can normalize the situation, although I do not rule out a few bursts”,- said Alexander Dugin:


Stauffenberg was Right!

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