Aleppo in past 24 hours: Syrian army deploys around Lake Assad | Abna24

Aleppo in past 24 hours: Syrian army deploys around Lake Assad

(AhlulBayt News Agency) – The Syrian army continued operations against the ISIS terrorist group in Eastern Aleppo and reached Lake Assad on Wednesday after cleansing three new towns of militants.
The army troops continued anti-ISIS military operations from the Eastern side of al-Khafseh town as well as Qabab al-Saqir and Ain al-Shater towns and regained full control of Sukhni, Arouda al-Kabir and Khafseh al-Saqir towns.

A field source said that the army has now reached Lake Assad, and added that at present, the terrorists have been besieged by the Syrian soldiers from the Northern, Western and Eastern sides of the first station of the water treatment and pumping facilities.

Meantime, the army forces are preparing to purge the terrorists of the two towns of Rasm al-Harmal al-Kabir and Rasm al-Harmal al-Saqir in the Northern parts of the water station.

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian army forces seized back control of tens of villages during an anti-ISIS military operations in Eastern Aleppo, reaching areas very close to a key water pumping facility in the region.

The Syrian soldiers regained control of Khafiya al-Hamar, al-Raihaniyah, Harna Shahab, Ma’arba, Qabab al-Kabir, Qabab al-Saqir, Um Rosoum, al-Kabariya, Rasm al-Bakher, Tabarah, Bolwah, al-Aziziyah, al-Kaban and Sheikh Abyadh towns and arrived in areas controlled by the Kurdish forces fighting the ISIS under the command of the Manbij Military Council.

Also, a military source said that the Syrian army units liberated 32km of lands stretching from their positions in the Eastern parts of Kuweires military airport to the Euphrates river to reach the key water pumping facility.

He added that the army will continue military operations to regain control of al-Khafseh water pumps in al-Babiri region in the Southern parts of al-Khafseh town which is distanced 1km from Assad Lake on the Western bank of the Euphrates.

The source underlined that the army will soon retake control of all water facilities and pumps in Aleppo.

On Tuesday, the Syrian army soldiers continued to advance against ISIS in vast areas in Eastern Aleppo and captured territories only 2km away from the facilities pumping water to Aleppo city.

The army troops stormed ISIS’s positions and drove the terrorists out of the towns of Qasr al-Ahmar, Abajeh, Jubb al-Qahwa and the farms of al-Ebadeh, Abajeh and Abu Tineh, deploying forces at positions only 3km away from al-Khafseh town and 2km away from Water Pumping Facilities near Lake Assad.

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