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A delegation of Taliban visited China

Recently on a visit to China at the invitation of the government delegation arrived Taliban, said Pakistani media, citing anonymous sources from intelligence and diplomatic circles.

According to reports, the delegation was composed of 5 members, and the responsibilities of its chapters was performed by Sher Abbas Stanekzai, head of the Qatari mission for the rebel movement.

One of the sources of the newspaper “Express Tribune” noted that the Taliban considered the visit to China as part of a program for the development of relations with other countries, both European and regional. However, the main issue on the agenda of the event was the task of restoring peace in Afghanistan and the prospect of resolving the conflict through negotiations.

The Pakistani press mentioned that to date this is not the first visit of the representatives of the “Taliban” in China – a similar event was held earlier in the year, after Moscow hosted tripartite consultations on the Afghanistan issue, with the participation of Russia, China and Pakistan. In mid-February, the special envoy of China for Afghanistan Dan Sitzung visited Kabul. During the meeting with President Ashraf Ghani the diplomat assured him that the Chinese side is making efforts to encourage the Taliban to reconcile with the government and begin peace talks with Kabul.

http://afghanistan.ru/doc/107963.html – zinc

PS. As mentioned in the February article “New Afghanistan” http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/3233448.html The Taliban now seeks to tip the scales in the Afghan war in their favor, positioning themselves as the best solution for Russia and China. Russia, not so long ago, a representative of the Taliban has already lavished a variety of compliments http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/3246033.html now it was the turn of Chinese. This game of course is the fundamental background, the US cannot (and not the fact that we want) to ensure peace in Afghanistan and the current government even with the help of foreign bayonets is in control of only part of the country and has no clear prospects of victory over the Taliban. This raises the question how this war will end. If you can not defeat the Taliban, we remain in the following scenarios:

1. The prolongation of the war without specific solutions. At the moment it is implemented.

2. The complete victory of the Taliban (which many are undesirable).

3. The conclusion of peace between the Taliban and the current Afghan government with the formation of a coalition government and the withdrawal of NATO troops from the country.

The Taliban is certainly an interesting option No. 2. Russia and China would rather want option # 3. Now somewhere between these points and there is a hidden trade. The conditions that the Americans offered the Taliban negotiations in Qatar, the Taliban leaders did not accept, so the war is still ongoing, and the Americans can not go there in order not to lose face.The Taliban in their flirtation with China and Russia, among other things, as if offers a number of bonuses from cooperation with him, are guaranteed the opportunity to expel the Americans from Afghanistan, which of course causes some interest in Moscow and Beijing.But specific decisions have yet been taken on the Taliban do not accept, because the reputation of this movement is frankly specific (on the background of ISIL, the Taliban is nothing, but the various abominations of the movement has done a lot – some blown up Buddha statues was worth, not to mention the attacks, bombings and industrial production of heroin) and in its current form, is not the fact that the Taliban will be able to control the entire territory of Afghanistan, how ambitious its leaders say. Therefore, the Taliban we’re looking at companies, although de facto it is already quite considered as a potential party in the negotiations, which have yet to lead in a civilized state, so she was not ashamed to sit at the negotiating table. Think of the Taliban in relation to Beijing and Moscow is quite clear and it is doubtful that flattering speech of the speakers of the Taliban there take at face value. To judge the prospects of the Taliban will be on business and its potential, not by a variety of complimentary statements that no specific cases are worth nothing.

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