The losses | Colonel Cassad


The circumstances of the wounding of General Milyukhina:

In the Main military clinical Burdenko hospital officially confirmed that at the 56th ICU is head of Department of combat training of the headquarters of the Western military district, major-General Peter Melugin, which was taken from Syria with serious injuries. As told by several sources close to the defense Ministry, major-General about two months was in Syria subordinate to the commander of the Russian troops, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov. The incident occurred on February 16 in HOMS province, when Melugin along with five Russian servicemen were driving from the airport Ties to the city of HOMS in the armored vehicle “Tiger” in the convoy.

Melugin was to assess the status and training of the Syrian military and to convey to them a new opening of the General staff of the Russian armed forces. Four kilometers from Tiesa “Tiger” exploded on radio-controlled land mine and the convoy opened fire. Four of the six people who were in the armored vehicle were killed, their names, the defense Ministry is not called. Melugin were seriously injured: he lost both legs, one of the shards knocked the eye. He was evacuated to the base Hamim, where military doctors a week fought for his life. Currently, the Moscow doctors believe that a direct threat to the life Milyukhina is missing, writes “Kommersant”. Major General became the highest ranking Union officer to be wounded during the Syrian campaign. Total defense Ministry officially acknowledged the deaths of 27 soldiers.


Furnished by 16 February.

PS. Here, in principle, everything is quite logical – since the end of December the Caliphate tried to establish control over the road leading to Tias a couple of times and almost reached the road, but drove him out. But, to completely control the whole way, not pushing the front North of course difficult, which most likely led to the exit and sabotage group of militants to the track, where they organized an ambush.

As details became known of the death of the Syrian aircraft had fallen on Turkish territory. The surviving Syrian air force Colonel, 56th year Mehmet Sufjan, spoke about the circumstances of the incident.
The MiG-21 took off from an airbase in Latakia bomb rebel positions in the Northern province of Idlib. During the attack, the aircraft opened fire from antiaircraft guns, one of which hit the target. The plane began to fall, but the pilot managed to eject. In Turkey he was given first medical aid, the incident most likely will be exhausted. However, despite the statements of the pilot, official sources still as equal, it appears the version about technical malfunction of the machine.





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