Manbij blocked | Colonel Cassad

C6C2CMyVAAEpmrC.jpg large.jpg

After reaching agreement on the establishment of a buffer zone between the Turks and Kurds to the West of Manbij, SAA began to move North, seeking to replace the Kurds on the line of contact with the Turks, as at ARIMA there are still continuing clashes between the free Syrian army and SDF/YPG. In Manbij arrived a Russian convoy with humanitarian aid for residents and refugees, accompanied by military police forces deployed from Aleppo.

The United States also is not interested in Erdogan taking Manbij, so a few SOF units crossed the Euphrates and moved to the North from Manija to indicate where borders that Erdogan should not go.
Erdogan, however, has not left hopes to take Manbij, but the current situation puts him in a difficult position, as the active actions against Manbij can lead to clashes with SAA and Russian and American military. Certainly, the theme Manbij will be one of the most important in the discussion of the Syrian issue between Putin and Erdogan on March 9-10. Russia will certainly try to convince Erdogan that Manbij he does not need. Erdogan will listen to reason? We will see in a week.


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