Palmyra. Afterword | Colonel Cassad

NKVD officer


1. A formal briefing of the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff on the results of operations for the liberation of Palmyra and the other still running operations of the armed forces in Syria.

According to the General staff, during the fighting for the liberation of Palmyra enemy losses amounted to more than a thousand militants killed, damaged and destroyed 19 tanks, nearly 40 armored combat vehicles, 98 pickups mounted with heavy weapons.

2. Reported serious wounding of Russian General in the area of Palmyra.


the head of Department of combat training of the headquarters of the Western military district, major-General Peter Melugin was seriously injured in the battle of Palmyra in Syria. According to “Fontanka”, the first Russian General who was wounded in Syria.

According to the publication, Melugin hit a mine about a week ago, he lost both legs and eyes. In the place of the victim received first aid, but after the condition worsened he was transferred to Moscow — Milyukhina a special flight brought to a military hospital named after Burdenko. “It is,” confirmed the “Fontanka” in the hospital on Friday, March 3, refused to disclose any details.

Portal in the emergency Department, Burdenko said Melugin is in intensive care, the doctors are trying to stabilize him.

Operational review the Ministry of defence of Russia “” could not be obtained. At the headquarters of the Western military district said that Melugin is subordinate to Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov, commander of the Russian group in Syria. According to the portal, in the immediate Milyukhina responsibilities included development of operations and control over their implementation. In December 2015, the decree of the President of Russia he was awarded the rank of major-General. – zinc

3. Palmyra. The view from the UAV.

Released PAL

Officer of the red army

C59_RsIUwAASoAu.jpg large.jpg

The front line near Palmyra after the liberation of the city

Photos and videos of Palmyra released.

To retreat from Palmyra are not only all.

Was gone.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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