Russia and China vetoed the Syrian resolution | Colonel Cassad

Tyrion Lannister


Russia and China blocked a resolution of the UN Security Council on sanctions against Syria.

Despite attempts by France and Britain to push through a UN security Council resolution against Syria, where she was accused of using weapons of mass destruction, Russia and China have veto.

Surprise it did not, since Russia is still a few days before the vote, warned that it will block the adoption of this resolution.

Remarkable point is the vote of China, which often abstained on such matters, but this time made with Russia.

With Russia and China voted against Bolivia. Kazakhstan, Egypt and Ethiopia abstained.

For the resolution voted by France, Britain, USA, Italy, Senegal, Ukraine, Uruguay, Sweden, Japan.

PS. The title photo on the horizon you can distinguish the contours of the Palmyra castle. In March, the question of the Palmyra needs to be solved.

PS2. And another message for Erdogan.

C5wt3weWQAAmxkI.jpg large.jpg

Us special forces and the SDF of the Kurds/YPG in the area Manbij.

UPD: Erdogan hints understood and declared that assault Manbij and Raqqa would be good to discuss with the United States and Russia. From this fact, and we had to start.



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