Euphrates shield. 6 months later | Colonel Cassad


Cq3ywmVWYAAGj4v.jpg large.jpg

The two maps clearly reflect the redistribution of spheres of influence in Northern Syria over the past six months.

The maps clearly demonstrate that the issue of the expulsion of the Caliphate from Northern Syria was dependent on the good will of Turkey, which after they stop their dalliances with the Caliphate and ran across to the camp of the Russian-Iranian coalition, helped to push the “black” from the Syrian-Turkish border. Of course, this was not done out of altruistic reasons, and in the framework of countering the threat of establishing an independent Kurdistan. As a result of a six-month campaign – the Caliphate in Northern Syria evaporated, and Afrin and Rojava and could not be joined by the Kurds. SAA, in turn, has significantly grown territories to the North, northeast and East of Aleppo, is not allowing the Turks to go to Raqqa and maintains excellent prospects for the further marginalization of the Caliphate from the province of Aleppo.

And on the subject of the ambitious plans of Erdogan to capture Manuja then the Americans decided to remind him of their presence.


American special forces in the area of Manbij.

As fighting between Turks and Americans, the Kurds do not believe it, apparently, Erdogan hinted that his plans first need to coordinate with other players.

However, there is the movement of trainloads of equipment to the Turkish-Syrian border, which would suggest that Turkey is going to seriously strengthen its forces in Northern Syria in case Russia and the USA will not repair Turkey’s major obstacles with Manbij.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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