Tadif taken | Colonel Cassad



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Today, the Syrian army took Tadif, the capture of which was announced last week.

However, the Caliphate until the end kept this city and the four main settlements (al-Bab, Tadif,Qabasin  and Bzaah), where he operated small grouping of the Caliphate, and Tadif fell last. In contrast to Bzaah and Qabasin, from which “black” quickly retreated, the SAA Tigers had to attack Tadif early this morning and they pushed the remnants of the troops of the Caliphate to the East (reported dozens of dead and wounded militants), where they joined those retreating from al-Bab. Thus, the SAA reached the intended line of contact with the Turkish army in the area of al-Bab. The Turks his part of the bargain and Tadif not attempted. The line of demarcation took place on the highway between Tadif and al-Bab, which is now and will split the SAA and Turks to the North of Aleppo.

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Deciding issues in the area of al-Bab, SAA continues to move northeast in the direction of positions SDF/YPG which is about 10-12 kilometers away. It should be noted that in case of joining SAA and Kurds to the East of al-Bab, would be cut last route to Raqqa on the territory controlled by the Caliphate, and if Erdogan wants to return to its initial plans related to the assault on the capital of the Caliphate, he will have to solve the Kurdish problem, which does not look promising. Hence, the attempt of the infantry of the FSA with the support of Turkish armored vehicles to move to the South-East of Bzaah in parallel course with the advancing units of the Syrian army. In fact, here we see the elements of a competition for the occupation of the territories and settlements left by the Caliphate. Perhaps there are agreements between Turkey and the Russian Federation, that define who and what should occupy the West of the Euphrates, but so far it’s not clear where it will end the line of demarcation in Northern Syria.


As SAA continues progress toward the Euphrates to the North of Deir-Hafer, casually releasing all the new areas and settlements. “Black” have limited resistance, gradually diverting troops to the South to Deir-Hafer, who should become the next frontier of long-term defense. After the Caliphate will be expelled from the territory between al-Bab and Euphrates, the front is to be stable.If the Turks did not begin large-scale operations against the Kurds, as well as fulfill their agreement on the control of CAA and “Ahrar al-sham” in Northern Syria, in the spring of 2017 military action may actually stop. The Kurds will build a front against the Turks and will continue operations on the southern borders Rozhava. CAA, in turn, creating a front against the FSA and Turks will throw the main forces to the East, against the retreating troops of the Caliphate, with the goal of final liberation of the territories to the East of Aleppo and Western districts of the province of raqqa.Turkey in these conditions would be difficult to show the activity here, although a certain desire to push part of the SAA to Euphrates, and to preserve the opportunity for action is traced.

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Thus, without high-profile victories, the SAA during the offensive North of Aleppo has freed more than 500 square kilometers of territory of the province. This is a logical consequence of a delayed victory in the “Mother of all battles”, as the release of a large number of troops, allowed the SAA more confidence to conduct offensive operations against the Caliphate, using a partial truce with the “green”. While maintaining the ceasefire regime and the implementation by Turkey of its obligations, the SAA in the coming months will greatly expand the monitoring area to the East of Aleppo and will be able to finally solve an old problem with the safety of the route Khanasser-Aleppo.

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