Caliphate leaves al-Bab | Colonel Cassad



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Today, suddenly and quickly ended the assault on al-Bab which lasted from November 2016. The command of the Caliphate decided to leave the city and also from the night began to withdraw along the corridor between Tagitm and Bzaah to the East. Apparently in the near future will be left Cubicin and Bzaah.It is unclear what caused such a rapid departure from al-Bab, but we can assume that there is a threat of the final environment to the East of al-Bab, plus promotion of the SAA to Euphrates, and Deir-Hafer created a threat to the larger environment, which would cut off the remaining forces of the Caliphate in Northern Syria from the main territory controlled by the militants. Apparently, the waste group the Caliphate from al-Baba will lead to increased resistance of “black” to the North of Dayr-Hafir.

Well, the Turks are to be congratulated, despite serious challenges, loss, and the various schools, they have achieved, albeit with a significant delay. With the occupation of al-Baba, the campaign against the Caliphate in Northern Syria in fact fails. The only one left Deir Hafir to clean up. In fact, al-Baba in the next few days should undergo cleaning and filtration events. So still some time needed for Stripping Kalisina and BSA.

Successfully developing and Kurdish offensive to the North-East of Raqqa. Coming on the immediate approaches to the capital of the Caliphate, the Kurds, with the support of the Americans sweep the territories to the East of the city. The enemy has a moderate resistance, diverting the main forces to raqqa and the Euphrates. It is expected that in the coming weeks, the Kurds will take pustynna and rural areas North of the Euphrates and continue to press Raqqa preparing the ground for operations aimed at the capture of the capital of the Caliphate.

Also today, the SAA finished cleaning one of the districts of Aleppo, East of the Rashidin 4. This block was occupied by militants during the autumn offensive to deblokady Aleppo, and since then has been under the control of insurgents. Today, the Syrian army carried out a final sweep, the remnants of the rebel units retreated in Rashidin.

It is also worth noting the success of the Iraqi army South of Mosul. During today’s battles, the advanced troops entered the territory of the airport of Mosul and close to the southern outskirts of the city. The enemy has a fierce resistance, but to stop the superior forces of the Iraqi army can’t. The main resistance will be provided in South and South-West quarters of the city.

In General, for the Caliphate, things are pretty grim. More or less successful defense in Eastern HOMS and the local victory over the “green” in Deraa, can’t stop the deterioration of the strategic position of the Caliphate.


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