Attack on Palmyra | Colonel Cassad


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In the ongoing January offensive of the Syrian army in Palmyra, the Russian troops suffered losses.

16 Feb about the movement of a column of Syrian army near the air force base Ties, an IED was detonated under the car with the Russian military. Our 4 dead and 2 wounded.

Given the stretched front to the North of the road stretching from Tiyas in the direction of HOMS, the reach of the subversive groups of fighters through the desert to the road, it is quite possible, especially since the attacks on the communication lines of the SAA in the course of offensive operations of the Syrians, are typical practice of the Caliphate. Russia usually helps Syrians are actively supporting an offensive by a group of attack helicopters Mi – 28, Mi-35 and Ka-52 strikes long-range bomber aviation, and military advisors (who participated in the formation and training “the 5th Legion”) and probably forces the MTR (the photos of the area flashed “Tiger” and BTR-82 in areas of accumulation of Syrian armored vehicles) As usual in the war without losses. Rest in peace.

The attack on Palmyra is developing quite successfully. After the occupation of the crossroads to the East of the airbase Tiyas, the army has for several weeks engaged in heavy fighting over the oil fields to the North of the road Tiyas-Palmyra. The advance on Palmyra is quite slow, as the army spends a great part of the forces on the formation of the front covering the road on which there is substantive progress towards Palmyra. As stated at the beginning of the offensive, the Syrian command with the sight of last year’s experience failures under the Tabqa and Palmyra, seeks to extend the narrow intestine into the territory of the enemy, and strives to provide the flanks to prevent flanking of enemy action, after the advanced parts come out to Palmyra and will begin to attack the surrounding heights to the North of the city, control of which ensures the liberation of the city. At the moment, to the outskirts of Palmyra there are about 13-15 miles.

The enemy continues to adhere to associated with active maneuvering by the defense. Threatening the flanks of the advancing group and taking the limiting hostilities, the command of “black” is buying time, preparing to provide long-term resistance line, Julisis-Gazal-Shaer to the North from the road Palmyra-Ties, as well as to the defense of the North-Western outskirts of Palmyra.

The liberation of the city on the one hand does not require haste, on the other hand, if there are plans of unblocking Deir-ez-Zor through Palmyra direction, tightening the assault on the city of course is not necessary, as in these battles to the West of the city, the enemy holds down significant forces of the Syrian army and its allies and the surgery itself, taking into account Russia’s active participation in it, implies that the task of the liberation of Palmyra is one of the priorities for the next 1-2 months. In principle, at the current rate, the PAL can be re-release in March.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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