The first meeting | Colonel Cassad



In Bonn were the first talks between the US and Russia after the Election of the Trump.

The meeting took place on the level of diplomatic missions.
Officially, no breakthroughs.

1. Tillerson said that it would be nice if Russia will fulfill the Minsk agreement.

2. Lavrov in turn said that Russia does not interfere in the internal Affairs of other countries, pointing to the political problems of the administration of the trump.

3. The same was said of different common words on the topic of collaboration and training meetings at the presidential level.

4. According to Lavrov, the sanctions are not discussed. Tillerson called the meeting “productive.”

5. The meeting took place against the background negativistic statements from Washington, in which Russia continues to be accused of meddling in American elections, as well as demonstrated unwillingness to normalize relations.

In general, as long as this is grinding on, the clarification of relations which will determine the future prospects of the conflict the United States and Russia will be held at a later date. Of course, all this will be accompanied by both a variety of information of hysteria in the US media (directed against the Russian Federation, as well as against the current administration – in order to prevent even the likelihood of a compromise), as well as more concrete steps to hinder contacts between Washington and Moscow, like the manipulation of the resignation of General Flynn (the next likely target – Stiven Bennon).

Stauffenberg was Right!

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