Al-Bab.16.02.2017 | Colonel Cassad

Officer of the red army

Bab-DeirHafer 15feb 27bahman95.jpg

Briefly on the military situation in the area of al-Bab.

1. In al Bāb street fights proceed. The Turks occupied the outskirts of the city, including the hospital and the hill, launched the city’s “green” infantry, which at the initial stage were able to gain a foothold in the South-Western quarters, but on February 15 began to experience serious problems with overcoming the resistance of Daesh. ISIS is applying a strategy to al Bāb that is approximately the same as the one in Mosul – militias that advance into urban areas are heavily attacked by suicide bombers, as well as by local counterattacks from underground tunnels. Still greater is abundantly placed mines, snipers and anti-tank mobile group. The pace of advance has immediately dropped and Erdogan’s statement that Turkish forces had liberated the center of al-Bab was premature. In addition to the resistance of the Caliphate, another influence on the rate of advance are collisions between the Turks and the SDF, and the FSA and the YPG in the area of tal Rifat. Why Turks need to aggravate the situation there right now remains a mystery. Not having finished the operation, al-Bab, Turkey then embarked on a local showdown with the Kurds, which does not promise fast results.

C4tPek5VYAAkh6O.jpgCounterattack of the Caliphate 14-15 February.

2. At the same time Turkey, still didn’t capture Bza ah. Green confidently occupies the Eastern part of the city, while the West hosts the Caliphate. The city itself already three times passed from hand to hand, but despite overwhelming numerical and technical superiority, Turkey has been unable to solve the issue with full control over Bza ah. The main reason of weak sustainability of “green” infantry in street fighting. Because of this, the Caliphate retains the possibility of the communication of the boiler with the main territory of the Caliphate to the North of the road, which is controlled by SAA.

3. Similarly, Turkey has still not taken and Qabasin. “Black” took part of its forces from the city of al-Bab and Bza ah, but not from Qabasin, which in view of the narrow intestine stretched out to the North-East of al-Bab, still plays a significant role in the battle of al-Bab, who in fact attacked again on the forehead, so as to launch full-scale assault on the city from the North and East, the Turks failed. Overall, it looks like the Turks while having a more than significant advantage, allow a strange error, and delay the battle for al-Bab.

4. After clearing the boundary line South of al-Bab, SAA has deployed major forces to the East and leads an offensive on a wide front North of Deir-Hafer. In recent days, was released a solid chunk of countryside and some settlements. At this rate, the spring can walk to the Euphrates and then with the Turkish plans for an attack on Raqqa will have serious problems. Kurdish resources maliciously make fun of Erdogan – say, what kind of Raqqa, it even al-Bab cannot take it.

Interesting point is that Tadif is still not taken, although the Russian defense Ministry announced a few days ago. Why not take an interesting question, but in fact – after SAA stopped its advance to the South of al-Baba, the Turks and the FSA immediately deteriorated. Why is it quite clear – by eliminating pressure from the South, the Caliphate can throw additional forces into the battle of al-Bab and Bza ah.

Overall, the operation to storm al-Bab is delayed while the parties solve their problem, and if the SAA are quite clear on their operational objectives, the actions of the Turks cause much more questions as to their military planning. In the end, the elimination of al-bab group of the Caliphate will obviously take more time than expected.


Artillery training the Turkish army.

The ruins of the hospital al-Baba.

The Eastern part of BSAA.

Destruction in al Bab.

Underground tunnels mined by the Caliphate.

Another Turkish M-60 destroyed by ATGM.

The Caliphate-aircraft guns firing at Syrian aircraft. – increase in capital map


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