Ukraine is moving into a Nazi regime | Colonel Cassad



Revelations about the former member of the punitive operation against the Donbass.

Participant of military operations in Kiev Donbass Alexander Medina has urged citizens to change the irresponsible policy of the government. According to him, Ukraine is moving “to the Nazi regime”. This former soldier said in an interview with “the”. “It’s time to end this irresponsible policy. Our country needs a pragmatic course, we need a liberalization of our society. We are well on the way to authoritarian, I would not be afraid this word, the Nazi regime”, — expressed his opinion Medina. According to him, now Ukraine is “any expression of disagreement will be punished if not by law, then the RAID volunteer system.” “Come running with torches and pitchforks, and you will tear will roll in tar and feathers” — said Medinsky.

Skype interview Medina.

A day earlier it was reported that at one of the schools of the Ukrainian capital parents refused to collect aid for fighting in the Donbass Ukrainian security forces, as they kill civilians. After that, the mother of one of pupils has complained to the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on the not enough, in her opinion, Patriotic parents.On 10 February, the veteran of so-called anti-terrorist operation Anatoly Vinogrodsky accused Kiev that he “recycles” in a combat zone in the Donbass Ukrainian patriots. The armed conflict in the Donbass began in the spring of 2014 after the attempt of the new Kiev authorities the power to suppress speech in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. – zinc

PS. Here’s how. Go to the Nazi regime. One began to wonder. With a braking distance of almost 3 years. But in may 2014, stated:

once again regarding the essence of the Kiev junta, which some tend to deny it.
Take the classic definition of fascism from Georgi Dimitrov, which in the Soviet Union was positioned as the most correct definition of fascism from the point of view of Communist theory.

“Fascism is the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic, most imperialist elements of Finance capital… Fascism is not transcending class power and not the power of the petty bourgeoisie or the lumpenproletariat over financial capital. Fascism is the power of financial capital. It is the organization of terrorist reprisals against the working class and the revolutionary section of the peasantry and the intelligentsia. Fascism in foreign policy is chauvinism in its crudest form, cultivating Zoological hatred against other Nations”.

Among the various formulations, this in my opinion the most loyal and personally, I am guided by her, when assessing the level of fascism in a particular state.

Let’s look at compliance.

1. As we have seen, against opponents of the Kiev junta made open terror, including physical extermination, intimidation, hostage-taking, extrajudicial arrests, abductions, torture and other elements of terror. The terror is carried out with the consent and at the instigation of a small group of people seized power in the coup. The dictatorship of the purely reactionary and represents the most radical forms of the Ukrainian integral nationalism and fascism, which according to the Yarosh’s statements , do not hide their imperialist ambitions, in particular due to the Russian capitalist.

2. Power in Ukraine as we see, belongs to representatives of major financial capital. For the presidency are fighting billionaires millionaires. The most likely candidates – Poroshenko billionaire and millionaire Tymoshenko. Huge power in Ukraine was acquired by the billionaire Kolomoisky. To pacify the rebels of Donbass abandoned billionaires Taruta and Akhmetov. So what we are seeing open source implementation of government representatives of major financial capital. Poroshenko is not a representative of a major financial capital? Kolomoisky is not the representative of a major financial capital?In this respect, the denial of the fact the main customers of the coup, indicates a blatant lack of understanding of the essence of capitalism, or the desire to save cracked templates.

3. This power is implemented through the irresponsible oppression of the proletarian masses and open struggle against the terrorist that part of the working class, the intelligentsia and petty bourgeoisie who opposed fascist dictatorship and monopoly power of big capital. Big capital plays the role of the authorities and fascist squads make up its instruments for building the fascist system of governance built on a terrorist dictatorship.

4. It is not difficult to notice, and in domestic and foreign policy, Ukrainian fascism cultivates hatred of neighboring Nations – Russian and to a lesser extent, to the poles. Also significant is the spread of anti-Semitism. Russophobia so far is the core ideology of the Kiev junta, which openly calls to oppress and destroy the people along ethnic, cultural and linguistic grounds.

As you can see, the situation in Ukraine, 100% corresponds to the classical formulation of Dimitrov. This is fascism, and in its most classical and pure form. zinc

so what has changed in this situation over the years.

1. Is there open terror against opponents of the junta? More than. Opponents of the junta continues to kill, abduct, terrorize at the state level, to which is added a molecular and terror in society, where elements of fascist was institutsionaalse. Moreover, the Medina has already recorded for “the Peacemaker”, and Ukrainian resources his urge to kill, as he betrayed the Ukrainian nation.

2. Power in Ukraine is now owned finansovomu capital. Not his appointees, namely the very finansovomu capital. At the head of the country is the billionaire Poroshenko, who came to power through a coup carried out by Nazi troops in the service of the financial oligarchy. The rest of the oligarchs have not gone away and continues to be the basis for a political system in which only the redistribution of power from one set of oligarchs to another.Instead of weakening the financial oligarchy of the management of Ukraine, what in words was made the euromaidan, there was a reverse process – the power of the large financial capital has been strengthened. And management still are terrorist in nature.

3. Inhibits the irresponsible power of the proletariat? If it suppresses speech in the work environment or among the petty bourgeoisie? More than. Against the background of rapid impoverishment of the population, there is an open struggle against the bourgeois people’s republics of Donbass and against the attempts of self-organization of the population against the Kiev regime. Any protest now declares “intrigues of the Kremlin.”

Do give this regime the power voluntarily? No.

If he will stop the war against Donbass? No.

Whether he will cease to conduct current socio-economic policy in the interests of the group seized the power of the oligarchs and their external sources of legitimacy? No.

4. Whether cultivated hatred of neighboring peoples? Yes. In that order, in which it was stated 2.5 years ago – Russians, poles, Jews. Is the planting of ethnic hatred only factor? Not at all. Were, are and will be attempts lingvocide and the fight against “alien cultures”. Both at the state and at the molecular level because of the institutionalization process. As in classical Bandera “Russians”, “poles” and “Jews” are the main enemies of the present “Ukrainians.”

In General, the wording Dimitrov. still fairly well defines what is happening in Ukraine. Of course, what is happening in Ukraine is very different from what was observed in Italy or Germany.

In Ukraine we see a kind of light version of fascism, which is largely an evil caricature of its historical predecessors. Thus, the current structure is not homeostasis, but it can “evolve” to the forms of power organization and the state, more characteristic of extreme forms of fascism. This was warned of almost immediately after the coup. Citizen Medina took almost three years of chasing the carrot of European integration, the war in the Donbass and “glory to Ukraine” to begin to suspect something.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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