Russian defense Ministry publishes footage of su-35S


The Ministry of defence has published a new video of the Russian multipurpose fighter su-35S in the air. The video comes amid reports that the first batch of four su-35 aircraft delivered to China under contract. In total, China needs to be delivered 24 su-35.

Multi-purpose su-35 fighters were involved in the recent sudden inspection of VKV. In addition, the latest fighting machines perform tasks in the framework of the military operation in Syria. The crews of the su-35 flew hundreds of sorties from the base of “Hamim” in Latakia province to support the front-line and long-range bombers, attack aircraft, aircraft transport aircraft.

For reference: su-35S – deeply modernized super-maneuverable multirole fighter 4++ generation. In addition to the su-35S implemented some of the technology inherent in fifth-generation military aircraft. Su-35S is equipped with the latest avionics based on digital IMS (information management system), modern radar with greater detection range different purposes. The engines of the su-35S have a rotating thrust vector, and the increased power compared to power plants unmodernised versions of the fighter.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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