The use of “WMD” in the Donbass | Colonel Cassad




Short statement of SK of the Russian Federation about the use of “Points” in the Donbas.



The Department on investigation of crimes involving the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare of GSU SK of Russia within the framework of a criminal investigation of the events in the South-East of Ukraine surgically obtained and procedurally fixed irrefutable evidence of the use of the Armed forces of Ukraine weapons of mass destruction – tactical missile complexes “Tochka-U” against the civilian population during the armed conflict.
Missile complex “Point” was developed in the 70-ies of the last century and adopted by the Soviet army in 1975. More advanced its modification with increased up to 120 km range – RK 9K79-1 “Tochka-U” was to enter the army in 1989. A significant number of systems remained in Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union and is one of the most powerful weapons in the Arsenal of modern Ukrainian army. For a given missile complex has a wide range of types of combat equipment, both conventional and special nuclear or chemical.According to the investigation data, the Ukrainian military against the civilian population of Donbass was used rockets filled with high-explosive and cluster charges. So, high-explosive head portion centered actions at undermining forms to 14.5 thousand pieces for lesion area of 2-3 ha. a rocket with a cluster warhead, provides defeat of manpower and soft-skinned vehicles in the open area ranging from 3.5 to 7 hectares, forming to 15.8 thousand pieces.

Of course, such weapons can be attributed to the weapons of mass destruction with extremely high destructive power. It is intended for application to the mass loss or destruction of relatively large spaces, and aims to defeat an unlimited number of people within range of the weapon. International treaties banned the use of weapons, which leaves no chance to survive as belligerents and civilians during the clashes or military conflicts.The use of such weapons with indiscriminate effect, simultaneously entails the loss and injury of civilians and excessive damage to civilian objects. Ukrainian soldiers acted in violation of the Minsk agreements, and provisions of the Convention on the protection of civilian persons in time of war (Geneva, 1949) and Additional Protocol II thereto. The use of such weapons shows that the Kiev government is pursuing the goal of total destruction of population and infrastructure in the South-East of the country.

Investigators SC of the Russian code of criminal procedure provides evidence of the use of Ukrainian military missile complexes “Tochka-U” on settlements of the Luhansk region in the city of Lugansk, in the villages of Novosvitlivka and Thorns, Krasnodon district, in the town of Rovenki, in the village of Jubilee of the city of Lugansk. The investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in close cooperation with the operational services work continued on establishment of all persons involved in the Commission of crimes against civilians in the South-East of Ukraine, regardless of the period in which they occurred.

Acting head of Department L. S. Petrenko – zinc

PS. With some WMD propaganda too much, as you can simply refer to the interpretation of the question of WMD from the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.


The types of weapons that can cause mass casualties and destruction until irreversible changes of the environment. The main distinctive features of the ISR are: the multifactorial nature of the damaging effect; factors affecting long acting and their spread beyond the object of defeat; long Psychotrauma effect in humans; severe genetic and environmental effects; complexity; protect forces, populations, critical facilities and elimination of consequences of its application. To weapons of mass destruction include nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.The development of science and technology can contribute to the emergence of new types of weapons in their effectiveness is not inferior and even superior to the already known types of weapons of mass destruction – zinc

In this respect, legally justify the use of “Points” as the use of weapons of mass destruction, in reality, of course will not work and the phrase “may include” write off the value judgment of the RF IC, so it is unlikely that this thesis will go beyond the usual information war, although from the point of view of damage, conventional munitions high power (which can be equipped with including OTK “Tochka-U or Luna-M”), ammunition of volume explosion system areal destruction (MLRS Smerch or TOS-1) the same can be attributed to the variety of weapons of mass destruction, although a serious difference to the kinds of weapons of mass destruction,is a long-term impact on the affected area, which involves not only the immediate defeat of manpower, technology and infrastructure, but also radiation, chemical or biological contamination.

In the international practice of such investigations and accusations, we can talk about the use of unconventional weapons against the civilian population, which in our case is self-evident. In the war in Donbass, we have the use of the APU operational-tactical complex “Tochka-U” against the civilian population, as reflected in the relevant materials, as well as in the found fragments of used rocket.On the other hand, from the point of view of international law, the use of cluster munitions subject to the Convention, which was not a signatory to a number of countries, including the US, China and Russia. Ukraine also has not signed the Convention and is not formally obliged to implement what has repeatedly referred to, when she was accused of using cluster munitions in Donbas. A similar protection scheme uses and Saudi Arabia with the bombing of Yemen.

Otherwise, the APU really violated both the Minsk agreement (paragraphs ceasefire, withdrawal of weapons, the use of weapons with a caliber exceeding 100mm) and a number of international conventions, taking deliberate shelling of populated areas with no direct military necessity, with the aim of harming the socio-ekonomicheskoy infrastructure and to kill civilian population of Donbass.

Overall, the message of the text of the IC is correct, but the execution is lame.
Regarding the questions on the topic of why all this collect and file, still no ability to attract vinovnyh. Not now, but in the future such opportunities can appear, and there collected SK texture, could be useful and this activity may be long-term consequences.


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