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The portal “Eurasia” continues to publish a series of interviews with the most prominent and influential intellectuals in the West. Early was published the conversation with the political analyst of the international monitoring organization CIS-EMO Stanislav Bychok and British Professor of binary Economics, and political analyst Rodney Shakespeare


We offer to your attention an interview with the former CIA specialist on terrorism, Executive Director of the Council of National Interests, Philip Giraldi

– November 8, 2016 was almost impossible

– the presidential election in States won, the man who had dared to challenge the global liberal establishment. Donald trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. For me it is obvious that trump’s victory marked the collapse of the globalist political paradigm, and simultaneously the beginning of a new historical cycle. What, in Your opinion, now will be the relationship between the US and Europe and what hopes do You personally impose on the new President of the United States?

– Victory trump is currently challenged by the same global paradigm shift that You mention as the media and political and economic elites. There is no certainty that he will transform the United States and turn them into something that will serve as an example to follow for European countries. Trump will continually be attacked by those who benefit from globalization, from the left-liberal circles in the US. Thus, his program can be “cut” – in order not to get into a deadlock similar to the one which came from the administration of Obama. I am, however, convinced that the model of the European Union is deeply flawed, mainly because inherent in this model, the stifling bureaucracy and being tied to a single currency, which “punishes” countries with weak economies and brings the benefit of Germany. I think the US and Europe will experience a transitional period, although changes can be quite different depending on the economic and political realities. I think however, the relationship between Washington and the Europeans will remain close, though more economically than politically.Despite the fact that Washington’s role as a global leader decline slightly.

– Donald trump insists on the need to reform immigration law, rightly considering radical islamic terrorism a fundamental threat to state security. Alien tolerance and political correctness when it comes to the lives of American citizens, trump advocates for tougher immigration laws and the creation of a special database containing information about all the Muslims illegally in the United States.Marine Le Pen, in turn, also support the idea to toughen immigrant legislation and proposes the establishment of a strategic Alliance Washington, Paris and Moscow against Islamic fundamentalism. It’s now safe to summarize that the policy of multiculturalism pursued by the European States suffered an absolute collapse. The migrants, unable to integrate into European society gave rise to the problem of terrorism and religious-fundamentalists of propagada among European youth. “The policy of open borders” was too big a sacrifice.Do You support the idea of stricter immigrant policy and what specific actions to resolve this problem can You offer?

– I don’t think Donald Trump will be able to create a database for Muslims, as it will be declared unconstitutional, however, the changes of immigration policy is badly needed. I have repeatedly written that the United States and other countries are not able to know who they admit as immigrants, refugees or asylum-seekers. Documents provided by potential immigrants, if they are available, are often fake or misleading. Most of those arriving in the United States and Europe actually are not legal immigrants, since they come only in search of work, while they argue that in the homeland they are threatened or they are being persecuted. Some of these migrants were subjected to radical indoctrination and trying to enter the country to commit terrorist acts.The ban for entry to all Muslims is not a good solution, but should be allowed only to those who have passed through rigorous selection process. As we can see, multiculturalism doesn’t work, and it brings with it real threats from militants and other radicals. I have introduced a complete moratorium on all immigration (with the exception of the right to enter for individuals with the necessary skills) – as long as there is no developed mechanism hard check.

– Recently one can notice the increasing dissatisfaction with the policies of the EU and, increasingly, there has been talk of the dissolution of this Association. After 43 years of membership, Britain has decided to withdraw from the EU, even forced to resign the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron. What, in Your opinion, will be the fate of the European Union, repeated the example of the UK and other countries? For example, Donald trump believes that it is inevitable (mostly because of the migration crisis).

As I said above, the EU project is deeply flawed. The European Union needs to significantly reduce its bureaucracy and rulemaking and should abandon the Euro if it wants to survive. The EU began as a customs Union, and this is what it should return – with minimal interference in the work of the national authorities and in people’s lives.

– Since the election of trump’s “anti-Americanism” takes on a whole different meaning. If in the “age of Obama” anti-Americanism was synonymous with anti-globalization and meant a confrontation of the unipolar project of American hegemony and the liberal establishment, the “trump era” anti-Americanism is synonymous with globalization, the North American imperialist policy, irrelevant of tolerance and multiculturalism, opening the door to the fundamentalists-migrants.That is, the anti-Americanism in the current political context is becoming an integral part of the rhetoric of that same liberal elite, for whom the arrival of trump was a real blow. 20 January it became for opponents of trump’s “end of history”, whereas for us a window of new possibilities and new solutions. The configuration of political actors and political forces has changed dramatically. But it does not generate any current anti-Americanism is not only the wave of protests (women’s March against trump in Washington), but more serious actions? What can we expect from the opposition forces?


Globalists will do everything possible to destroy trump. In the same way they focused on combating “Brexit” and they are already working to discredit the non-systemic nationalist parties in most of the countries remaining in the EU. Trump is an easy target for many actors in the globalist movement, who hung on the President of the United States labels “racist”, “misogynist”, “homophobe” and “Islamophobe”. Easier to attack, unfairly capitalizing on these topics, rather than criticize what he is doing in reality – and that reality is not as “terribly radical”. I’m sure the pressure will be on trump’s relentless, and it will come from Europe and inside the United States. The media, in particular, its just hate.

– How do You assess the chances of marine Le Pen to win in the upcoming elections? France is ready to these changes?

In my opinion, marine Le Pen has excellent chances to win. But, just as in the case of trump, the closer the elections, the stronger will be a campaign to discredit, accusations that have little to do with the actual program of Le Pen. I think that the French, who watched as their culture is undermined by the uncontrolled legal and illegal migration, more than ready for a change. But elites will resist fiercely, as in the US and the UK.

Interviewed by Natella Speranskaya, translation from English by Mikhail Moshkin

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