Al-Bab.12.02.2017 | Colonel Cassad



Briefly on the situation in the district of al-Baba.

1. The Turkish army and FSA troops continued assault on the Western neighborhoods of al-Bab. In the city there are hard street fighting, the enemy has a strong resistance.

2. Tadif has not yet been taken by the SAA. The forefront of the Syrian army is located in the southern outskirts of the city. Yesterday’s reports of the defense Ministry about the complete occupation of the city was somewhat premature.

3. During the fighting on February 11-12 FSA already in the 4th time occupied a large part of Bza ah, displacing black infantry to the Western outskirts of the city. Evening and night expect a possible counter attack.

4. The output of the mobile infantry of the FSA to the junction between Tagitm and al-Bab was obviously intended to denote the set line of demarcation.

5. Continuing street battles and Kabiline where the Caliphate began the withdrawal of troops to al Bab yesterday. Posts about full control of Kalisina and Bza ah, so far ahead of the event.

6. After the release of the demarcation line South of al-Bab, the Syrian army is beginning to expand operations in the North-East from Covaresa that will continue to prepare the ground for an attack on Deir Hafir.

7. Erdogan said that after the completion of the operation in the al-Bab, the Turkish army will attack in Raqqa. Given the configuration of the front line, just stepping through the territory of the Kurds.

8. The Kurds, in turn, expecting trouble on the part of Erdogan, are continuing to recruit battalions of new recruits in Rojava and continue operations in the area of Raqqa, in approaching the Eastern and North-Eastern outskirts of the capital of the Caliphate.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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