The Iranian offer | Colonel Cassad



The continuation of the story with the Hamadan airbase, which the Russian VKS used for operations in Syria.

Russia continued to use Iranian airspace for operations in Syria, said the Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran. Operations by Russian aircraft were not refueling, said the Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani told Fars News Agency that Iran has allowed Russia to use its airspace for operations in Syria.

“They [Russia. — RBC] continued to use Iranian airspace, as we have with Russia comprehensive strategic cooperation”, — he said. While Shamkhani added that “in recent cases, the” Russian fighters “used Iranian airspace, but not for refueling.” According to Fars news Agency, Shamkhani made the remarks in connection with publications in “Western media” that six Russian bombers Tu-22M was used and the airspace, and the air base to Iran to conduct operations in Syria.

In August of last year Russia has started using the Iranian Hamadan air base for strikes in Syria. 20 August, Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehgan said that the Russian VKS can use the base as long as you wish, but two days later, on August 22, the foreign Ministry spokesman of Iran Bahram ghasemi said that Russia has completed the use of the base. The same was reported by the Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan of jagaran.

Dehgan, commenting on the incident, expressed open dissatisfaction with the way the news about the use of the database is covered by the Russian side. “The Russians are interested in how to show themselves to the superpower and to ensure its role in determining the political future of Syria. And of course, they had observed a certain amount of posturing and ungentlemanly behavior,” he stressed.

The source in bodies of military management of Russia, told “Kommersant” that Moscow and Tehran there was “some misunderstanding”: the Russian military wanted to use the airbase not only airfields, but also as a full-fledged military facility with the appropriate weapons., Tehran, however, this option is not staged.
26 Nov Dehgan did not rule out the possibility of using Russian military base in Hamadan. According to him, Tehran is ready to cooperate with Moscow that will allow us to support the legitimate government of Syria. – zinc

PS. Iran’s statements obviously caused concern in the new United States in which Iran has already been declared as the main enemy of the United States, and Trump has tried to deter the President of the Republic from rash statements.

At the same time, the Iranians know perfectly well that the new administration think about the abolition of the “nuclear deal”, what it is pushing Israel. But for a more comprehensive pressure on Iran, it is necessary to destroy Russian-Iranian Alliance, which has led to the emergence of various analysts on the subject of what will happen if Russia distances itself from Iran for the sake of improving its relations with the United States and a variety of trial balloons to sound out the Russian position on this issue. Despite the fact that the conclusions of the analysts were disappointing, and that Russia will throw Iran, they themselves do not believe if the worsening of relations with Iran will be the dominant setting U.S. policy in the middle East, then obviously this theme will rise in the U.S. negotiations with Russia and Turkey, where the information probing will change the diplomatic.

Tehran certainly understand the complexity of the situation, so have other military-political realities, Iran actually offers voiced openly without conditions, offers the use of its airspace for future operations, VKS RF. It is quite logical attempt to strengthen relations with Russia and to guarantee the continuation of military-technical cooperation, including arming Pro-Iranian forces operating in Syria. Another factor that certainly uses Iran to strengthen ties with Russia, it is the ability to use in Syria numerous groups “Held EN-SHAABI”, which this spring can arrive in Syria to fight the Assad regime opponents. Since Russia is a win for Assad keeping the whole territory of Syria, Iran will be able to ensure an uninterrupted supply of manpower from Iraq, which will finally tilt the balance of power in the Syrian war in favor of Assad and will enable Russia to end the Syrian campaign victory.

In General, Iran is certainly worried. because now there is a period of uncertainty and it is unclear how it will develop the situation after the US and Russia will hold talks on Syria and will change the overall strategic situation in the region. For Iran, it is worth remembering that during the Syrian war, they really were the most valuable ally from a military point of view of, but they repeatedly demonstrated that they have their own interests, which they require to be considered that have repeatedly led to various tensions. In my opinion, until the completion of the Syrian war, for Russia it is highly undesirable to break the partnership with Iran, as the US can only promise, but Iran has quite specifically helped in the Syrian war. Russia reasonably shy away from climbing in the direct dismantling of the Shiite-Sunni lines in konkreciu Iran with Saudi Arabia, trying to stay above the fray and keep the ability to communicate with both sides. The United States will certainly be interested to move Russia from this position, which is likely to be associated with different costs of military-political nature. On the other hand, US pressure on Iran will make the Iranian leadership more flexible in relations with Moscow.

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