Al-Bab.11.02.2017 | Colonel Cassad


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The military situation in the area of al-Bab to the outcome of the February 11, 2017.

The defense of the Caliphate continues to collapse today:

– Elevator al-Bab to the South Tarifa (according to the statements of the defense Ministry, all Tadif, but while photo and video evidence from the inside – apparently the settlement is in the process of learning) is a strategic crossroads between al-Bab and Tagitm a piece of terrain near the highway coming from al-Baba.

– Cubicin (FSA sources report that the “black” began to retreat from the city to al-Bab).

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Taking the Elevator and a key intersection between al-Bab and Tagitm, PAS actually approached the dissection group of the Caliphate in al-Baba, although this has yet to beat out “black” from Bza ah. Full lesson Tarifa SAA, to retreat from al-a Woman will only be possible over rough terrain to the North of the road, being exposed to attacks from the North and South (in the spirit of waste residues debaltsevskoy groups APU in 2015).

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The area of contact between the advancing groups of SAA and the FSA.

Another day Tadif was actually cut off from the main forces of the Caliphate and to deviate from it only in the direction of Bza ah. Apparently this is due to its rapid change, so no point in keeping it was not. Regarding the potential lines of differentiation, it will be held along the road between al-Bab and Tagitm. The current configuration of the front line has actually cuts off al-Bab from the main force of the SAA coming from the South. According to the statements of defense of the Russian Federation, this line of demarcation was drawn in advance on what to storm al-Bab will be the Turks.

According to the defense Ministry during operations in the al-Bab SAA destroyed 650 fighters, 2 tanks, 4 BMP, 18 trucks, 6 Shahid-mobiles and 7 mortars (this probably made the results of air strikes in recent weeks, as it seems to be inflated) is the control of the road extending from al-Bab through TDIF to the East of the city. Regarding Tarifa, seems there is still ongoing some resistance and reports of complete control may be premature, but it is rather a question of Stripping and filtration.

C4Z95C1W8AEhQtR.jpg large.jpg

In fact, at al-Bab the Turks are trying to gnaw through the defense of “black” in the Western areas of al-Bab, gradually moving to the center of the city. The enemy provided a strong resistance from the 9th-11th February. However, the retreat from Tarifa, the Elevator and the intersection, and termination of counter-attacks, can attest to the fact that “black” began preparations for the retreat of al-Bab, for which they must hold Bza ah to preserve a corridor for the retreat, which they can use today or tomorrow night to salvage the main forces from encirclement and destruction. The abandonment by “black” of Qabasin can be a marker of acceleration of events. In General, it is a kind of squeezing of the boiler rather than the encirclement and destruction. It is possible that the possibility of waste for fighters, leave specifically to avoid persistent street fighting in al Bab. I think this issue will be clarified within the next few days.

Below, photos.

The intersection.


The Western margin of al-Baba. – shooting battle between the Caliphate and the SSA. – street fighting in al Bab




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