Japanese F-15s out maneuvered by Chinese Su-30 in recent air dual

Thai Military and Asian Region

Why is Japan F-15 so humiliating? Antique cockpit thirty years did not upgrade was sue -30 seconds

2016-12-11 14:31:03

Japanese F-15J fighter

Recently, the Japanese self defense force F-15J fighter again and Chinese Su -30MKK fighter had a contest, the parties can be learned from the report, the Japanese F-15J fighters once again lost to Chinese air force Su -30, had to release decoy escape. As everyone knows, jamming bomb is used to protect its own aircraft, is itself in the use, the disadvantage is obvious, in this contest in Japan’s F-15 fighter has been in a passive state, the air force is Chinese Su -30 fighter tail biting (6 bit).

Early in June this year, the same is Japan’s F-15J fighter and China Su -30 fighter contest, F-15 Su -30 aircraft approaching provocation, with radar Chinese fighter, then seize the favorable position of Su -30 decisive maneuver, forced the…

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