“Givi”. Interim results | Colonel Cassad



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1. The funeral “Givi” will be held on February 10. In Donetsk people’s Republic is declared three days of mourning.

2. Stated investigative measures concerning alleged killers, at the moment, no concrete results have not given. On scene investigations are continuing.

3. Regarding the prospects of searching. Most of the iconic killing in the DNI and LC remained unsolved. The detention of Ukrainian major, involved in the murder of Colonel Anashchenko, happy exception.

4. Basic version of the incident: a RPO “Shmel” was shot into the office of “Givi”. The killer knew when “Givi” is in the office, that is, were followed by direct observation (including on-site location), had a plan of approach and departure from the protected area. Protection apparently does not catch mice. There are serious questions about the intelligence, and is not the first time.

5. About the prospects for “Somali”, then this part as “Sparta” after the death of “Motorola”, of course will not disappear, one of the Vice “Givi” will lead part and she will continue to fight in the Donbass.

6. On the impact of the murder “Givi” on the situation on the front, as usual “Minsk is no alternative”. “The offensive to the Dnieper” and “change borders” is not expected. For the DPR and Russia are all obvious image blow.

7. This is not the first attempt at Givi. In 2015 his car was fired on the outskirts of Makeyevka http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2097806.html In 2016, was an attempt to blow up the machinehttp://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2690961.html

8. As one of the customers of the attack in DND call Shkiryak, referring to MIA. Unlike murder Anashchenko, this time the representatives of the junta a strong preference for taking responsibility is not shown.

9. Concerning the version about the internal squabbles or Russian trace., “Givi” in the DNR officially supported Zakharchenko, a large political influence had remained in the role of tactical field commanders of an average link, without claiming any authority in the Republic or any ideological projects that could shake the power Zakharchenko, or to question the “marriage course”. However, the version of the Russian track, which was officially denied by the Kremlin, a logical consequence of the previously made confessions on the subject of what some commanders in the LC were killed by their. This was warned back in 2015, so surprised by the consequences is not worth it.

10. And regarding those rejoicing. As the case of “Motorola” and “Givi” don’t forget, he his name in the history of the formation of the Republic entered and it will be remembered, and years later, as an example of the common man, which being the infamous guard at the store, could do something really important and meaningful, but who remember about you after your death?

The unit commander “Legion” member of the Parliament DND Sergey Sadofiev on current versions of:
“Givi was killed in his office at six in the morning. There is an investigation. At the moment there are two versions.
The first explosive was planted in his office in the battery. Apparently, a bookmark made by some of its fighters, recruited by the Ukraine. Most likely, recent.
Second – DRGs “Bumblebee” shot beyond the base of the window. Both these versions are now checked. I’m leaning towards the first option. There are moments that talk about this. For example, the frame remained intact, if hit with a “Bumblebee”, they would be turned inside the room. Second, Givi lay legs to the window. One leg blown off and part of the foot, and cut off part of the head, it shows there was a directed explosion from the side of the battery. Some of the fragments in the same room were found, respectively, it looks like a TNT or plastic explosive,” — said Zavdoveyev.

http://rusnewstoday24.ru/proisshestviya/kombat-dnr-nazval-novuyu-versiyu-ubiystva-givi.html zinc

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