Riyadh in the Yemeni Missiles’ Line of Sight | VIDEOS


Riyadh in the Yemeni Missiles’ Line of Sight

The capital of Saudi Arabia is now within reach of Yemeni missiles.
The ballistic unit of the army and the popular forces of Ansarullah fired a long-range ballistic missile at a Saudi military base west of the Saudi capital Riyadh on Sunday evening.

A military source quoted by the site of Ansarullah, AlMasirah, said that the missile targeted a military base in Al-Muzahmiyya, west of Riyadh.

In a statement published Monday morning, the army and Ansarullah ballistic unit assured that the Saudi capital is now within the reach of Yemeni missiles.

“The first ballistic test against a military target in the satanic Saudi capital was successful,” said the Yemeni ballistic unit.

“The shooting of the ballistic missile is in response to the continued Saudi-US aggression, its massacres, and its tyrannical embargo against our people suffering a humanitarian tragedy, under the eyes of the International community”

The Saudi-US coalition counties are being threatened

In this context, the deputy spokesman of the Yemeni army, General Aziz Rashed, described the event as a historic day for the Yemeni people before adding: “Currently Riyadh is within our missiles’ reach despite the imposed blockade on Yemen and the Saudi rumor that it has undermined the country’s ballistic capacity.”
“Currently, the Yemeni ballistic unit is more powerful than ever. The Saudi military airports are now within reach of our missiles and this is in response to the Saudi savagery and aggression,” he told Alalam, the Iranian Arabic-language channel.

“These missiles,” he added, “have a range of more than 800 kilometers, and their destructive power is much greater than the Borkan-1 (Volcan-1) missiles,” reported the French-speaking Iranian site PressTV.

General Aziz Rashed also said that “the Yemeni army produced new missiles which target the countries participating in the pro-Riyadh coalition in the event Yemen gets bombed.”

Since the beginning of the Saudi-US war against Yemen in March 2015, more than 10 thousand Yemenis have been killed and thousands more injured by the coalition’s bombing.


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