The fighting in the Donbass. 05.02.2017 | Colonel Cassad



Briefly on what is happening in the Donbass.

1. Since the second half of the day the intensity of the attacks once again went up. Observed shelling in the area Avdeevka, zaytsevo, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, Kalinovo, on the arc Svetlodarsk. Used 82-120 mm mortars, 122-mm and 152-mm guns.

2. In the plant partially restored the supply of heat and light. Avdiivka coke continues. Also restored the supply of Gorlovka after yesterday’s undermining of the power lines in the area of Svetlodarsk.

3. Social.networks rumors with reference to unnamed military sources that during the night, possible attempts of attacks from the APU on Gorlovka direction. The power structures of the DPR are in a state of high alert.

4. The US official said that agreements with Russia, can be resolved regardless of what is happening in the town, that is actually the question of direct talks to get rid of the situation on the fronts of Donbass.

5. The adversary continues to conduct active exploration front line of the DNR and LNR by using a UAV, likely trying to update the data in the first echelon army corps of the DNR and LC. Possible increased activity of DRG APU.

6. According to the defense Ministry DNI, the enemy is increasing grouping in the area of Avdeevka and Volnovakha. In the area of Avdeyevka coke observed complexes “Tochka-U”. From the Kharkiv region to the Donbass transferred the main forces of the 92nd Ombre.

7. Sides continue to accuse each other of use of the residential area of Avdeevka and Makeevka tactical purposes. No serious developments are expected.

8. The LC notes the enemy activity in the area of Golden. From Lugansk report that was declared alarm.

In General, the events still continue to evolve through the old script with a local relapse on the positional front, but nevertheless, a certain probability of intensification events remains, as at this stage there are no clear diplomatic constraints for what is happening.

UPD: MO DNR has officially declared that Poroshenko refused the conditions of Minsk and preparing to attack.


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