Dugin’s Guideline – Modern populism


In recent times, European intellectuals discuss the new political concept that is becoming more and more relevant: the populist moment.

On the one hand, they are concerned about left-wing smitianta such as Chantal mouff. On the other hand, a brilliant ideologist of the European conservatives, the “new right”, the most serious and influential intellectual figure of Europe – philosopher Alain De Benoist. And right and left publish texts dedicated to the populist moment, giving a different interpretation, arguing and making predictions for the future.

What is a populist moment?

First, is the emergence in politics of such leaders who have become extremely popular, appealing to the masses and not caring about the ideological coherence of their platforms and positions. First of all, Putin and trump, whose views are difficult to quantify in conventional categories – right, left, etc. Such leaders can understand the society what it really wants, aspires to, what he thinks, what he fears, and answer these expectations directly, not bothering to put it into some system. And it works, and better and better.Of accident or failure in the system is gradually becoming a trend. After trump is already a global reality that cannot be ignored.

Second, there is a complete crisis of liberal democracy. Where she is trying to speak openly, insisting on their ideological values directly – human rights, gender politics, cosmopolitanism, open society, globalization, etc., it is presented consistently fail. Liberalism is still in control of many areas of global Finance, global corporate, media, culture, education, technology, but in society he had in fact rejected. The end of history did not take place, and Fukuyama himself as a complete loser, muttering now that the United States, you see, it is a failed state. Liberalism is dead. But it has not destroyed the old enemies – communism and fascism, and something new. Populism. Any populist – right and left – now win any liberal.

Thirdly, and this is more serious to the fore in politics is a new subject, a new phenomenon – the people, the populus, hence, populism. People missing in the ideologies of the New time, it is not liberalism, it is the main subject – the individual. Not communism – there is the main class. No fascism here, the emphasis is on the state. All that remains in the XX century. Now from under the drifts chosen something forgotten or never recorded – the People. It is not just the sum of individuals, and not classes, and not citizens with a passport and a residence permit.It is something living, organic, whole, ever-changing, avoiding strict definitions. People live longer than men. He has other cycles and other scales. He trusts the myth and are skeptical of science. Even if the people cowardly, he admires the fearless heroes. Even if he is crooked, he truly loves beauty. And this People today, comes into active conflict with the existing political system.

People are either left or right. It is both for order and for freedom and for power, social justice, and power, and for the continuous occasion. People easily connects opposites, not even noticing them. People live according to a special logic, which has nothing to do with modern standards of political science or sociology. People don’t always like thinking about him. He does not give himself to calculate, to count. He comes from a different logic than the logic of the enlightenment and the societies of Modernity. In a sense, he is very old, the People. He eats juices of eternity.

The people as a political concept appears today as an opposition to liberalism. The liberals are screaming about fascist or Communist-fascist threat. They can not understand the essence of the populist moment, and interpret it through the prism of the old clichés. That’s why they lose. Therefore, they are doomed. And yet the left and the right agree that it is only a moment. That is, a limited period of time, a quantum of historical movement. Will the People and, consequently, populism, turn into a system, a program, a strategy, or be only a temporary correction in the way of liberal globalization? No one can say. The globalists in the early 90’s was your moment of unipolar. For thirty years they have ruined everything they could, turning the globalization and the unipolar world, in a hideous caricature. Did the same with democracy reformers of the 90s in Russia.Now comes another point – people appear on the stage of world history. This chance, this risk, this responsibility is a challenge. But this is our moment. Don’t use it it’s a crime.

All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin” a populist moment.

Yes, that’s right, not to use such populist moment would be foolish and even criminal. But is there such a crime we have not committed? Alas, we can do anything. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful open opportunity for a true alternative – Russian alternative.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

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