Dugin’s Guideline – Groundhog day


Today the world celebrates the Day of the Swamp (I’m not kidding). And in the US – Groundhog Day.

Don’t know why, but it struck me as odd, and holidays, and related artifacts – for example, the movie “Groundhog Day” in 1993 with bill Murray and Andie MacDowell in the lead roles. Not so much the holiday that was celebrated in ancient Europe, when awakened sleeping the winter sleep of animals and their embarrassed behavior was determined to be successful spring for agricultural work, how much the plot of the film is about the repetition of the same day in an endless sequence, somehow associated with the marsh.In other words, today is the day frozen in time, or even the eternal return of the same as Nietzsche’s.

The swamp gradually becomes not just a metaphor, but an important political symbol. In the Russian context, it means a collective and a fifth had joined the sixth column of Russian opposition that came to Bolotnaya square to protest against Putin’s return to power after Medvedev’s presidency. Medvedev gave the liberals hope, it was supported by Brzezinski even gave his blessing for a second term, but in 2014, everything collapsed. And the Marsh became agitated. Useless, but expressive.

But really this term has acquired a meaning in the election campaign trump. He proposed to drain the Swamp, seeing it as the removal from power of a group of liberal globalization, which in fact has long seized power in America.The swamp, therefore, is a transnational network of supporters of a World Government, which seeks to establish global hegemony in the interests of transnational corporations, the global financial elite and private club of liberal politicians, separating extremist ideology of the open society promoted by the Soros Foundation (remember that his Foundation is prohibited in Russia along with ISIS). The French representative that Swamps liberal philosopher Bernard – Henri levy called the victory of Hillary Clinton is not only likely, but a mathematical truth. Today the Swamp after winning the trump is experiencing shock.Collapsed is not an election analyst, were forged and collapsed mathematics itself of globalism, in the dust of posted his so-called truth.

So today the world of the Swamp is the consolation of the Russian opposition and the international globalists. The government have taken away, well, let it be only one day of the year – the Day of the Swamp and its inhabitants.

Here is the best suited and the plot of the film Groundhog Day, which it was repeated and repeated and could never end and go on to the next. Just make a reservation: the Russian policy, which is also linked, however, the ritual is meaningless and endless walking in a circle, I mean. Groundhog day is a metaphor of time in which there is no event of time itself, which lasts and brings us nowhere. The sociologist Georges Gurvitch found that there is not just one time but many. So, there is a time that stretches endlessly, constantly repeating itself, and leads nowhere.This Gurvich called routine. This time is a bureaucracy consisting entirely of artificially created delays, delays, delays, and dreary wait. The story sometimes enters a cycle of Groundhog Day, as if time caught in the wheel and bites its own tail, pointless revolving in a circle.

And here an interesting match. Remember Fukuyama and his “end of history”? What is the “end of history”, it is not Groundhog Day? If there is no history, but only the economy, the world nothing more happens – only transactions, transactions of purchase and sale. Economics supersedes politics. And it is here that reality and starts to loop. But that was a project of the World Swamp that Fukuyama is. Incidentally, he is well aware – calling his book “the Last Man”. What is truth? Says the last man and blinks. We found happiness: this time closed in on itself.So according to the globalists and advocates of the Postmodern. Hence, the Groundhog Day is also their day. That’s how well it worked.

All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin” about the swamp and Groundhog day.

It would be good, but sometimes it seems that we have a Groundhog day do something… Although it may just be one of those days. And that seems to.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

Stauffenberg was Right!

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