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• The far-right in Sweden, Europe and the united states are united in their interest for the Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin. He is alternativhögerns foremost ideologue.

• When the Hegemony would present its first book in the rest of the world, he chose to do it in Sweden.

• In a DN interview, he says that Donald Trumps awaited showdown with Vladimir Putin will spur högernationalistiska forces in Europe.


Alexander Dugin has called for both a fascist as extreme nationalist.

He has even been called ”Putin’s brain”.

The latter may probably take with a large pinch of salt, even if the Russian president’s thinking sometimes seems to be pretty close to It. Himself would he rather see himself as a ”conservative revolutionary”.

One thing that the two men seem to have in common is sympathy for the högerinriktade nationalists around the world, and a prospect of a warmer relationship between Russia and the united states, with a like-minded person in the White house.

– To be honest I’m really happy that Donald Trump has become president, ” says Alexander Dugin, when I meet him in the tv channel Tsargrads premises in the centre of Moscow.

The editorial is a bit tucked away with entrance from the back of the Centraltelegrafens grand building on tverskaya street, a stone’s throw from Red square.

Tsargrad can be said to be a Russian cross between the american högerkanalen Fox News and alt-rightplattformen Breitbart News, as the former was led by Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, albeit with a hard-line nationalist and Russian orthodox values.

The name, translated the Imperial city, refers to Byzantium (Constantinople). Thus, it is an allusion to the old Russian imperiedrömmen if a kingdom is enlarged to the warm waters on the Bosphorus.

I guided into against Tsargrad through the long deserted corridors, inside the newsroom, it is newly painted and the employees are young and strict face.

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It is no coincidence that there was a previous Foxproducent, an american, who helped to start the Tsargrad. An example of the network antiglobalisternas international has woven.

It is a bit harassed, he has just driven his daily live broadcast that goes out via satellite, cable and online. How many people are actually looking at Tsargrad is unclear.

Nationalism ascendant is – a bit surprisingly – something he would like to warn.

– When I say that we go into in the nationalism era, it does not mean that I like it, but it is a reality. In my book ”Fourth political theory”, which I gave out in Sweden first of all, I write that we should find alternatives to nationalism. I work for a different solution, the fourth political theory, which is an alternative to modernity’s three ideologies: liberalism, communism, and nationalism.

The far-right in Sweden and the rest of the Western world are united for their interest for the Russian philosopher.

Even ” sympathize on its side, with several european ultrahögergrupper that supports Putin and Trump.

Which parties are you closest to in Europe, it is, for example, the front National in France and the Alternative for Germany?

– All who oppose globalization, for Russia and for traditional values. Center, right, ytterhöger, it doesn’t matter, it can also be anti-capitalist ultravänster, as for example in Greece.

We are going to talk about Trump and what his election victory means for the relationship with the united states–Russia. The fourth starts to take a deep digging into history: he believes that the last hundred years, globalisation has completely identified with US, something that was established in the first world war, the final stage through president Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points for peace.

– Then it was that what is good for America is good for global democracy. It was a kind of application of the age-old british doctrine of an international order in which the anglo-saxon empire’s control over his dominions was the universal law. With some small changes in the names declared Wilson the same thing: America was the guarantor of global liberal democracy in the world, ” says the other.

Analysis of the DN’s Martin Gelin: Alt rightrörelsen has gained influence in the White house

He sees it as an explanation for the previously isolationist nation, the united states eventually participated in the first world war, but also to how you wanted to perform in the future. And during the entire 1900-century, AMERICA’s global power, first during the two world wars, and then during the cold war. With the collapse of the Soviet union it looked as if the united states had achieved the objectives that were formulated by Wilson. Liberal democracy had triumphed.

Dugin formulates it differently: The western european enlightenment and modernity had found its highest form in the british imperialism and then transferred to american imperialism.

– Just in the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump order would be: Would the united states continue in the vanguard of a civilizational mission, and to lead humanity in a direction of postmodernity, including globalisation, cosmopolitanism, genderpolitik, feminism and the like? All of it was Trump absolutely against. It was a real conservative revolution against liberalism, and he confirmed everything in his first speech.

Dugin argues that nationalism was regarded as something passed and that globalization had overcome. To the population of the world’s most powerful country now, chose to be led by a nationalist is something closest to the outrageous; closed borders, stop immigration, building walls and protectionism.

Do you like everything Trump said in his inaugural speech?

– Absolutely. One hundred per cent. I would have been able to write his speech, if I had been his counselor.

What do you think about that some people believe that Trump is working for Russian interests?

– It is a very stupid joke. He works for the American people’s national interests. And not that his opponents do, for the ” or neoconservative ideals.

It is, therefore, believes That as governments in for example, Israel and Russia looks positively at the Trump. They are allowed to promote their national interests but it bothers Trump, while it bothered Obama, Clinton and Bush.

Is there an irony in that the nationalist and antiglobalistiska the movement in the different countries is global?

– It is there to globalism attacking people globally and we can react locally. But it is not a different kind of globalism, but mångpolighet. It is a question that everyone should have the right to defend their identity. The first example of this was Putin’s Russia, and now with Trump, we have the two most powerful states liberated from the globalists. With Trump, we have to do with a new world: there is no universal truth, but the united states and every country should do what is best for it. Democracy, liberalism, human rights, gay pride, and other things are not universal.If Sweden wants to have it, so it’s okay. But if, for example, norwegians do not want gay marriage, so they have a right to it, and should not be condemned as reactionary.

Dugin compare with the collapse of the Soviet union, an event that was a strong argument that the communist ideology did not work. He sees Trump’s victory as a sign that the globalist agenda does not work either.

And now attacking the global elite, which is a kind of world government, the folkvalde Trump. We have a new time for the united states, but also for Europe, which has been able to interpret what happened in the united states. Liberal democracy is over as a universal value.

Do you have contacts or friends in the circle around the Trump, for example, Steve Bannon?

– No, I do not know him personally, but I very much appreciate his attitude. I admire Breitbart, which competes so successfully with the established media, who managed to win the majority of the Trump. They had a feel for what people think, not the global elite’s idea of human rights.

Why would it be wrong to stand up for human rights?

– Because it is a western, anglo-saxon ideology that considers the human being as an individual. It has no understanding that in other civilizations, let us say, China, islam and Russia, is humanity anything other than the individual, because the individual in which only a part of a family, perhaps a tribe, perhaps a church or a religious community. You can not impose on such communities, a system that is deeply foreign to their nature.

How will the world change when Trump and Putin meet?

– First and foremost, it will be a huge geopolitical shift. The confrontation between the united states and Russia in the post-soviet area and other regions located between them will cease or be toned down. Nato could be dissolved, and the EU will certainly cease to exist. We are moving to multiple centres of power in the world.

He believes that there is a Europe in which the West no longer stands against the East. According to him, the world was the problem in Eastern europe artificial, and became an anti-Russian boundary. Instead of a dividing barrier region can become a bridge between Western europe and Russia.

Consequently, consider he’s a threat from Russia towards the eastern european countries as excessive:

– We have no intentions to attack the baltic states, Hungary or Poland. In the past it was so, but not now. Still, we have not the resources to it. But Europe should realize one thing: It is serious and irreversible end to globalization.

He does once again, the comparison with the Soviet union’s collapse in 1991, when many sovjetmänniskor refused to realize that everything was over. Today, many europeans do not recognize that also the EU-project coming to an end.

– You in the West took it for granted that you were of the world and civilisation, gentlemen, over the barbarians in countries like Russia and China. And now, with Brexit as a start, Europe is living with fantomsmärtorna after they lost the parts – just as we did in the 1990s. Nothing hurts so much as phantom limb pain.

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Dugin is convinced that Trump’s election victory and the coming showdown with Russia will spur the högernationalistiska forces in Europe. It means that the attitude towards immigrants and ultraliberalism will be tightened.

How Putin has met your expectations? When I interviewed you in the spring of 2014 was hoping you for a more offensive policy, and to the eastern and south-eastern half of the Ukraine should be incorporated into Russia.

– I was a bit disappointed then, and still am, but since then the situation has changed in total. Now we need not fight for only the Donetsk and Luhansk and Novorossija. We are very close to getting back the Ukraine.

He can see in front of a less hostile Ukraine that returns to a more amicable relationship with Russia. It is due to the government in Kiev after the Trump takeover no longer can count with the previous support from the united states, when ”the globalists” are gone from power. It means, think the same time, the Ukrainian president Petro Porsosjenkos days are numbered.

Now, when Putin have a friend in Washington, then what happens to the Russian self-image as ”victims” for conspiracies from the US and the West? Who will now be blamed for Russia’s problems?

– It is a fair question! The Russian victimhood was a convenient way to avoid having to tackle the different challenges. But now, we are no longer a victim, and at the same time is the end of antiamerikanismen. I, myself, was regarded as the most US-hostile person in Russia. When it is gone is at the end we had to solve our own problems with corruption and inefficiency. It is a good thing, since our economy is in such a lousy state and our government is corrupt and in the hands of the villains.

From the Kremlin, was the message that Russia was besieged and found themselves under attack from the westerly directions and that the management therefore not allowed to be criticised. But now that the external threat will subside, there is not any excuse for the russians not to be able to create order at home.

– When the emergency is over, we can open the eyes for the many bad things of us. But it is our thing to ”drain the swamp” here, which Trump do in the united states. Putin is being forced to do something so that he will not after.

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