The fighting near Donetsk. 03.02.2017. Evening. | Colonel Cassad

Officer of the red army

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By the evening of 3 February, the situation at the front in the DPR has not changed significantly. The total intensity of attacks has fallen this morning, but the negotiations on the cease-fire of course could not stop the continuation of hostilities.
During the day, the opponents exchanged artillery strikes on Donetsk the direction, on the arc svetlodarsk, in the area of Kalinovo, on the Mariupol direction, etc., etc. illusions on the subject of complete ceasefire no powers. In the Kremlin rhetorically wished the DNI and the LC to have more shells in which the special deficit has long does not arise.

Reports returned to a fairly typical format:

A message from the war correspondents: “Donetsk. Petrovsky district. For trudovs’ka fighters ATO are provocative shelling from large-caliber small from the standpoint of TSW.them.Shevchenko (Marinka). District nuclear warheads small arms, mortars, artillery. Gorlovka South and South-West small arms and mortar battle. Kalynivka DNR and LNR are snowball fights. Small arms, mortars, art. Arrives near the residential area of Stakhanov-Irmino. South-West of Gorlovka rustled, closer, shootings in the side Ozeryanovki. Side Svetlodarsk arc noise. Novoazovs’kyi district a strong cannonade, Sahanka and Kominternovo suffer, as always.The ukronatsistov firing of beloved places Sartana-sty-Betonka. Art de-energize these settlement cell connection does not work there, so it’s hard to know the details”.

The message from local residents: “the Brush…I heard the side of Makeyevka. Grados rushed. Putilovka, loud. Kalinin loud. Park engineers heard side up. Khanzhenkova,it is also quite loud… loud In the West.20.20 To The East Of Makeyevka. Makiyivka center, wow powerful…
a duck, loudly. Gvardeyka, powerful. West, listen(Donetsk, kalinins, again loudly Donskoy, boom! Proletarka, audible Circuit, booming Northern television center heard.”

“3 Feb re-recorded the shelling of the capital of the DPR by Ukrainian terrorist groups. Under fire fighters APU were the Kalinin district of Donetsk. The executioners opened fire at 17:54. Also under fire was the intersection of Kalinin and Budenovsky districts, known as district Motel. The fire from the Ukrainian side was opened at 18:06. In addition, information was received that the APU is placed in the suburb of Avdeevka installation MLRS “Hurricane”, one of which can open fire at any moment.”


A message from the war correspondents: “the Sands of Volvo-Center – periodic shooting battle with the use of the machine gun, artillery. APZ, AP – the fighting with heavy artillery. Gorlovka city West is intermittently noisy. To small, popahivaet”. zinc

Operational 03.02.2017, 13:00.
Logvinova: fight. Small arms, mortars, artillery. Answer.

Operational 03.02.2017, 16:05. Svetlodarsk.
From the direction of Svetlodarsk ukronatsistov continue to fire heavy artillery in the direction of Logvinovo, Milk. Answer. The fight continues. +MLRS.

Operational 03.02.2017, 21:05. The Donetsk
Petrovsky district. For trudovs’ka fighters ATO are provocative shelling from large-caliber small from the standpoint of TSW.them.Shevchenko (Marinka).

Operational 03.02.2017, 21:45. Mariupol
From the positions of cannon artillery under the Sartans, the Nazis fired several random shots under Kominternovo. – zinc

And so on in the same spirit. Lists of settlements, enumeration calibers and a statement of arrivals. The offensive one is not.


1. Confirmed the information about the wounding of “Givi”. On 1 February he received a shrapnel wound in the leg in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone

2. In the 72nd ombr and other parts of defending the plant according to official data from 29 Jan 66 10 200x and 300X.

3. Avdiivka coke at this stage operates at 30% capacity. Tied to his company (and especially the Empire of Rinat Akhmetov) are still under threat.

4. All exercises are interrupted on both sides. It is reported about the movement of vehicles between the first and second tier. A high degree of readiness for escalation remains on both sides.

In General, the intensity of the situation diminished, but the tension persists and the parties can easily intensify the attacks as a long-term diplomatic constraints to this do not exist. In the current economy mode, these fights and the attacks can continue for several weeks. Shells is enough, and BCH and APU (the problem as a maximum will occur with heavy missiles for the MLRS). As the parties continue to scare each other offensive, as if trying to give the initiative a first strike by the opponents, but for the reasons stated previously, no one wants to go first.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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