How and where artillery fire in Donbass | Colonel Cassad


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A rather detailed analysis of the artillery of the parties under Donetsk.


A description of the mechanics of artillery duels in the Donbass in the period from 29 January to 1 February. Who, how, where and why shoot at the front. The difference in the logic of work of the Ukrainian artillery and artillery of DND. Changing the logic in shelling by Ukrainian artillery cities compared to 2014. A detailed overview of the hits in Donetsk and Avdeevka. An overview of the capabilities of the main artillery systems of the parties and a brief review of the methods of their application.

Plus photos of the results of shelling in Donetsk.

At the front overall trends remain the same. The film is set in the positional line, during the day the intensity of attacks were lower than 2 February. Despite the agreement on cease-fire needed to restore the energy supply of the Town (at this moment began repair work on power lines in the area of Avdiivka coke plant), and guarantees SCCC for this reason, several sections of the front the fighting continued, including the use of 122-mm and 152-mm artillery.Talk about de-escalate too early, as even at the official level it is recognized that we are talking about trying to install a local ceasefire.The parties at this stage count the damage and losses from the night’s artillery battles, and restore what can be restored and at the same time preparing for the continuation of active positional battles. The second echelon into action were not introduced. The junta said that the military situation in Ukraine will not be introduced.

MGB DNR warns that in Donetsk the possible revitalization of the DRG and the enemy spotters and encourages citizens to be conscious and report suspicious persons where necessary. The authorities deny stuffing about the fact that the evacuation in Donetsk, held by force. – tape of military events in Novorossia for 02.02.2017 – tape of military events in Novorossia for 03.02.2017


Stauffenberg was Right!

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