Bolotov could have been poisoned | Colonel Cassad


Widow Bolotov said that her husband had been poisoned.

On Tuesday, January 31, in Moscow to bid farewell to the first head of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) Valery Bolotov, who died unexpectedly late last week. His widow just before the funeral said that one of the leaders of Donbas militia could be poisoned during a business meeting.Bolotov was found with two men in a cafe “Red car” in the building of the Ice Palace of CSKA, according to Life, citing Valery Bolotov. According to the woman, her husband fell ill soon after returning home. Bolotov, in particular, kept repeating why he drank coffee during the meeting. The next day, he, having referred to feeling sick, decided to lie down at home.Elena, worried, decided to go to the nearest hospital to attach to her husband. Upon returning, she found him unconscious. By the time of arrival of the ambulance he was already dead. Elena claims that her husband had not complained of health problems, so she immediately raised suspicions that it could be poison. Earlier media reported that the cause of death was acute heart failure. zinc

Later it became known that swamps the day before death met with Karjakin and some “Sanych”.

Became known the names of the people with whom the former self-proclaimed head LNR Valery Bolotov met on the eve of his death. It was the Chairman of the Republican Assembly of the LPR Alexey Karyakin and the person named Sanych. That Bolotov was drinking coffee with two men shortly before his death, previously told the wife of the late Elena. She drew attention to the fact that her husband met strangers in cafes “Red car”, located in the ice Palace of CSKA, and drank coffee with them. After returning home, Bolotov admitted to the wife that he feels bad. The next day he died.We sat at the bar and left. Discussed issues related to LNR”, – told the “Sanich”, whose real name is Valery. He added that drinking coffee together with Bolotov. The fact of the meeting confirmed and Alexey Karjakin. He noted that Bolotov had high blood pressure, so it is possible that the cause of his death was the coffee itself, and not some kind of poison in it. Karjakin noted that she also drank coffee, ordered a Americano. “What he ordered, I don’t know. Alcohol didn’t drink,” – said Karjakin. We will remind, Valery Bolotov, the widow suspects that he was poisoned with the aid of the cups of coffee. The exact answer will be known after the examination, but its results will be reported only after a month. – zinc

PS. Still waiting for the results of the examination.

It is worth Recalling that Karjakin is now in Russia and in the LC does not leave, because there he is accused of an attempted coup, during which the “suicides” of former Prime Minister Tsepkalo and was arrested the Deputy head of the corps national police LNR Kiselev. As Bolotov, Karyakin harshly criticized Carpenter.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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