The FSB and the case of “Humpty Dumpty,” |

Stripping the FSB and the case of “Humpty Dumpty,” the CIA learned to weave sandals in Russia?

Russian security services have detained six members of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty.” Until we know the names of four of the detainees, among whom were Anikeev journalist Vladimir, head of the Center for Information Security of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov and his right hand Dmitry Dokuchaev and head of computer incident investigations, “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov.

Resource “Humpty Dumpty”, since 2014, began to publish the stolen e-mails (e-mails, correspondence in the Telegram, “cloud” copies of smartphone, etc.), high-ranking officials.

With its filing made public correspondence became Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, a spokesman for Prime Minister Natalia Timakova, head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, head of the Accounts Chamber Tatyana Golikova and other officials and managers of state corporations.

The scandal sparked a whole chain reaction, which resulted in the Russian special services started cleaning.

Thus, the post can leave Andrei Gerasimov, who headed the center since 2009, and also holds the post of deputy head of the Federal Security Service 1st service, specializing in counterintelligence.

Likely due to the resignation of the FSB investigation own safety management in respect of one of the Vice Chief of Ciba, which checks the connection with private companies who collaborated with the Centre in conducting examinations on Cybercrime. Among these companies were named “Kaspersky Lab” and Group-IB.

According to “Kommersant”, headed by Andrei Gerasimov FGKU “military unit 64829”, as is legally registered with the FSB CDC, since November 2009. Up to this point for a few years in the public domain, he repeatedly referred to as the deputy chief of Ciba.


Gerasimov, according to some, soon going to retire, and hasten his resignation forced of its own security service investigation. A month earlier, according to the results of the same test he was sacked deputy Gerasimova, head of operational management of the second CDC FSB Sergei Mikhailov – the real protagonist of this story. According to a source in law enforcement bodies of Constantinople, he was arrested quite beautifully – Mikhailova withdrew from the meeting of the Board of the FSB with a bag on his head.

Name Deputy CDC has appeared in high-profile cases in infobezopasnosti, in particular, in the case of the owner of the payment system Chronopay Paul Wroblewski. He was found guilty in the order of DDOS-attack on competitors Chronopay site of “Assist”, which resulted in some time was not available online sale of “Aeroflot” tickets.

The investigation of the case while doing CDC FSB, and Wroblewski, who had previously met with said Sergei Mikhailov, decided to push the FSB structure and management of the “K” the Russian Interior Ministry. He believed that the case against him was fabricated by TsIBom and asked the Interior Ministry to deal. On his desk during his arrest found a note: “We have merged into CDC FSB FSB Sergei Mikhailov,” as well as the documents folder, revealing the connection of the intelligence officer.

If a private security service connected even then, perhaps, many of espionage and hacking scandals in the future could have been avoided.

The fact that, according to the channel’s website Constantinople, deputy head of the CDC FSB was involved in the activities of the group of hackers called “Humpty Dumpty” and could be their immediate supervisor and patron.

Who are the “Humpty Dumpty”

The group of hackers materialized a few years ago in the information space of literally nowhere. The “professional” circles of them were not known, the group members themselves perfectly codified and living abroad. The participants of the “black” or “Anonymous International”, as they called themselves the criminals, have access to personal data of virtually all of Russia’s political and business elite from the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to the media mogul Aram Gabrelyanov.

For a long time, “Humpty” regularly lecturing mail archives of politicians and officials, revealed the contents of the phone numbers and credit card business, wrote on behalf of Dmitry Medvedev in his twitter. All this has led to the release of that behind them there are certain influential structures, because the focus of hackers was not the kind of information that is normally interested fraudsters and blackmailers.

In the spring of 2014, in the midst of the “Russian Spring” “Humpty” hacked email chief editor of Constantinople, the philosopher Alexander Dugin. Nothing compromising them to discover, was not possible, of course, and therefore did not work either blackmail him, or sell correspondence stakeholders. She just posted to the network.

“I am preparing a database for the largest Russian media to those who oppose US hegemony in favor of a unipolar world, critics Atlantic imperialism both left and right, are actively involved in the information policy of Russia”, – said Alexander Dugin. Being released, “Dugin list” became the pretext for the persecution of people mentioned in it, and even into detention. It is known at least one case of a suspicious death of a person from the list.

Thus, it turns out that the “Humpty Dumpty”, in addition to the usual financial interest of cybercriminals, was also a political one. The names of “friends of Putin”, “agents of influence of Russia” were interesting and important credit card numbers or offshore accounts, which some officials. IT-expert Igor Ashmanov Constantinople in an interview called it a “hybrid cyberwar.”

Interviewed Constantinople experts believe that the “Humpty” was the CIA, as crack-mail today is not too difficult, but to create an information explosion with major world media because of the publication on a small private blog can not afford even the Russian hackers, with the this clearly is someone bigger. A similar opinion is shared by Igor Ashmanov, according to which the “Humpty” is used as a cistern. As a result of actions of this particular group of hackers network of Russian influence abroad, enormous damage has been done. The more interesting, as it turns out, this hacker group has been associated with the aforementioned Mr. Mikhailov. Interestingly, which it lists the available to them confidential information, which is not laid out in the Network?

How are Trump victory in the elections and plans FSB CDC

Let’s go back to Sergei Mikhailov and his deeds in the CDC FSB. According to sources of Constantinople, he held talks with the leadership of Sberbank, having at their disposal one of the largest in the Russian information security services. It was suggested that not only improve security, but actually to create a new online security service, similar to the US National Security Agency, which holds under the hood of all Americans. Recall enough to combine Sberbank base and datasets of the same people in social networks, to be in possession of one of the largest datasets on Russian citizens. Chairman of the Board of the largest bank in Russia, German Gref, could not fail to be aware of such a plan. If Mikhailova arrest did not take place, he would have passed directly under Gref. Man is said to enter the western globalist circles and stubbornly refuses to open an office entrusted to him in the bank’s management in the Russian Crimea.

From an understanding of what could achieve Mikhailov and his new leadership, with the disposal of such base BigData of Russian citizens, is breathtaking. But Constantinople sources claim that the deputy Andrei Gerasimov ambitions extended far beyond the banal wealth.

For example, experts believe that Donald Trump was able to win the election due Cambridge Analytica company that uses BigData in political campaigns and public relations promotion, or black PR specific candidates. The company for many years has studied the possibility of influence on the electorate by “spot” campaign that takes into account not just an abstract social group, and all the data specified on the user, for example, Facebook. Existing technologies allow to target a specific audience, combining not only the sex factors, age, education and other basic information, and combinations thereof, and other, smaller preferences – for example, musical or culinary tastes, interests, hobbies, and so on. In short, everything that you tell about yourself on social networks.

While Hillary Clinton has relied on traditional methods such as ballot box stuffing in the media and discredit an opponent from a moral point of view, Trump’s team resorted to the help of modern technologies of memes on Twitter to such a point that’s targeting voters through the “big data”.

The same principle can be used in Russia, believed, apparently, Mikhailov. Only here the goals can be opposed to national interests. Given that the “Humpty Dumpty” published discredit Russia and its supporters of the data that may have not only domestic but also geopolitical importance. And if you take into account the upcoming presidential elections in Russia in 2018, the case can not simply smell of kerosene.

Actually, the fact that all this happened under the noses of the leadership, and perhaps with his knowledge, and was the reason for the resignation of Andrei Gerasimov. Stripping CDC was timely, although the details of further proceedings before us are unlikely to reach. One thing is clear: Gerasimov and Mikhailov fell in the battle of patriots and globalists for BigData.

Purges in the ranks of the FSB show a high level of work and the dignity of our special services, which seriously started working on this issue, despite the fact that the cause of senior figures in the department were involved.

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