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Intelligence agencies are studying materials on government representatives and businessmen, who collaborated with hackers or paid them for non-disclosure of compromising material against itself.

Case “Humpty Dumpty” promises to be the biggest task in the field of information security in Russia. How Life found now arrested 6 people associated with the phone hacking and messengers of officials and businessmen, even a dozen people are under development. Among them are employees of large government agencies that will be called for questioning in the near future. Also, the security services study the materials on the “showdown” officials and businessmen, who paid within the group of “Humpty Dumpty” hackers: they can become persons involved in corruption cases. It is for non-disclosure of this information, they could pay.

Lewis Carroll

December 31, 2013 hacker group “Anonymous International”, better known as “Humpty Dumpty”, published on its share New Year’s presidential address. This was the first application of the grouping of its activities.

Then hackers was posted correspondence Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, opened “twitter” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. They were published correspondence of a number of high-ranking officials and businessmen.

As the LIFE interviewee familiar with the investigations progress, hackers of “Humpty Dumpty” caught the attention of the FSB since the beginning of 2014. Developing and establishing their personalities were almost three years.

And the founder group, named Lewis Carroll (hackers took them the names of the children’s book “Alice in Wonderland”) was arrested in October 2016. It appeared to be a journalist, Vladimir Anikeev. Arrested, he was not in St. Petersburg, as claimed by some media, and almost on the border of Belarus and Russia.

In Minsk he arrived by plane (from which country, it is not known), and then traveled by car to St. Petersburg.

– After Anikeev drove on the highway Ezerische village and crossed the border of Belarus and Russia, security services conducted his arrest, – said a source Lajfa.

Фото: © vk.com/Vladimir Anikee

Фото: © vk.com/Vladimir Anikee

In St. Petersburg, the founder of “Humpty” frequent visitor. And always stayed at the hotel “Angleterre”, where once died poet Sergei Yesenin. Link to life in a big way and the desire for fame, by the way, led to the fact that Lewis Carroll yet been declassified. In an interview with “Medusa” in Bangkok, which was published in January 2015, Lewis made a mistake and allowed journalists to photograph his hat as a confirmation that the interview now. Silly, of course, acknowledgment. But before that, on his page on the social network “VKontakte” Vladimir Anikeev exhibited photos of Bangkok in this hat.

After his arrest Anikeev Lewis went to deal with the investigation and told investigators about the FSB all those who one way or another worked and collaborated with “Humpty Dumpty.”

Nothing personal, just business

Life’s sources say that over the years to identify the participants’ Anonymous International “found that it was not just an association of altruists and supporters of goodness, truth and justice. Shaltaevtsy working in conjunction with officials, top managers of large companies, and representatives of security agencies.

– Documented serious base. Over the years it became clear who and what has to hackers. During the arrest of Lewis Carroll’s information is confirmed. Established artists, customers and founders – said one of the interlocutors in the investigation.

Фото: © Flickr/Marco Verch

Фото: © Flickr/Marco Verch

Currently under arrest is 6 persons. There are four detainees: Anikeev journalist Vladimir, head of the Center for Information Security of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov and his right hand Dmitry Dokuchaev and head of computer incident investigations, “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov.

The last three were arrested after being detained Anikeeva. Mikhailov Dokuchaev and charged with treason, and Anikeyev Stoyanov is charged with Article 272 of the Criminal Code ( “Illegal access to computer information”).

There are two versions of cooperation and a high-ranking FSB officer “Humpty Dumpty.” According to the first, Mikhailov was charged to establish who the “Anonymous International”, and find out, he led them to work, which provided substantial benefits to all participants. Blackmail officials and businessmen of their personal correspondence brought huge dividends.

According to another version, the original “Humpty Dumpty” was created with the participation of the aforementioned persons. But both versions say that the basic ideology of the hacker group was “business” – extortion of money from high-ranking officials.

According to LIFE, many civil servants and businessmen bought his correspondence before exhibiting it at public auction. Hackers have paid more than 30 officials (state and federal) and representatives of business circles. Affected by the publications who somehow figured in the correspondence, more than a hundred.

Фото: © East News

Фото: © East News

“Humpty Dumpty” and engaged in correspondence that exposed the “order”. According Lajfa collected database can bring to any level officials and businessmen who either collaborated with hackers or fronting them. In the near future for questioning in the case of “Humpty Dumpty” will be caused by some high-ranking government representatives.

Fee for silence

According to the case file, many large Russian officials and businessmen paid “Humpty Dumpty”, their conversation is not only to sell to others and not to publish, and that she did not even put up for auction.

It was published the correspondence of those who did not go on a deal with hackers for two reasons – either the “autopsy” had nothing to hide, or they were convinced that their roof is stronger and the publication of compromising materials will not lead to their resignation or to other consequences. Those who are afraid of opening any corruption schemes and their careless attitude towards partners who were willing to pay a lot of money for silence “Humpty”.

With their victims “Humpty Dumpty” worked for several schemes.

In the first “showdown” to officials or businessmen immediately sent a message that hackers are not ready to publish the correspondence for a certain amount. The amount was set, of course, the hackers themselves. The officer agreed and either paid or refused.

Фото: © РИА Новости/Антон Денисов

Фото: © РИА Новости/Антон Денисов

In the second scheme, the uncovered correspondence exhibit. It sends a message about this to the victim, and he was supposed to give more value than other auction participants, if they were.

The third scenario: the official or businessman learned from the intermediary that it opened. And the mediator helped negotiate with “Humpty Dumpty.” If a person could not pay a fixed amount, the correspondence is still partially exposed, but not all.

Now the secret services in the investigation of the case “Anonymous International” is checked and those paid for correspondence and materials of the correspondence that may have a serious prospect in the investigation of corruption schemes officials and businessmen approached to him.

– Many of them have paid just for that information about corrupt dealings and tenders, in which they were tied, it does not become public. Now it is possible that they will become defendants in cases – but not as victims, but as the accused, – said a source in the investigation team.

How horrible, “Humpty Dumpty”

Blackmail Russian establishment brought higher income groups has grown in popularity, but they knew their assumed names of “Alice in Wonderland”. Fame is like, but it is impersonal.

Participants of the “Anonymous International” does not hide the fact that like Asia and periodically visit Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. And at a meeting with the victims or their representatives sent messengers, for which establishes shadowing.

Some oligarchs and officials hired detectives conducted its own investigation, the results of which became known as the special services. Abroad shaltaevtsev and were involved in them, including private and foreign intelligence agencies. Ring Around the hackers shrank.

Скрин © L!FE

Скрин © L!FE

By the way, what is “Constantinople” became the first media, which has declared communication senior FSB Center for Information Security Officer with the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty”, due to the fact that the media owner Konstantin Malofeev familiar with the high-ranking official, whose correspondence also revealed “Humpty Dumpty,” and at his request, conducted its own investigation.

In addition, used the same scheme that he used “Humpty Dumpty” – phishing emails through which the learned passwords and logins of officials and businessmen, also through falshsoty or pseudo-Wi-Fi. For example, on the Internet mail address shaltaevtsev who fell into the hands of the security services, were sent phishing emails. It is because they were able to tie the CDC activity of the FSB, where he worked Mikhailov, with “Humpty”. Finally confirmed the suspicion towards Mikhailov was arrested Lewis Carroll.

Ukraine and NGOs

Some media reported that members of “Humpty Dumpty,” worked with the hackers of “Kiberhunty”, and the Anikeev often visited Ukraine.

Publishing sources explain that the only connection with the Ukraine in “Humpty Dumpty” – participant of the group Alice (real name unknown edition). Alice – the former Kiev prostitute. She is a girl with low social morals still has some organizer of leisure for “Humpty” “customized girls” (as the appearance of the guys are not particularly distinguished and enjoyed moths services), designed the trip, and had a large customer base, which it was sometimes the right people.

Фото: © East News

Фото: © East News

The record is not the topic of Ukraine. But Donbass theme is present. How Life found a server “Anonymous International” in the territory of the DNI. On these servers, stores all the information activity “Humpty Dumpty.” Neither Russian nor Ukrainian law does not apply there. In fact, the territory is outside the law, which was very convenient for hackers. However, Russian law enforcers will still be easy to make a notch servers, if only in this territory is not those who have already eliminated all the information on the servers.

But international theme appears in this case. One of those arrested defenders are the representatives of the human rights organization “Team 29”. According to some reports, it is sponsored by the NGO from the Soros Foundation, and themselves shaltaevtsy often been in the United States.

“Team 29” was created by former employees of the Foundation of Freedom of Information (IDIS). In 2014, the Fund ceased operations, as the Ministry of Justice has been included in the register of foreign agents. By the way, the former wife of the head of “Team 29” Ivan Pavlov Jennifer Gaspar was expelled from Russia on the basis of the conclusion of the FSB.

As they say sources familiar with the investigation progress, the case “Humpty Dumpty” affects almost all aspects of Russian policy. And when the investigation surfaced data indicating the well-known and respected people.

– All roles – the customer, artist, connected, surety, witness, and so on – are clearly established for each of the suspects. All the guilty will be punished, no matter what status they may be. This case is necessarily comes to the court, – says one of the interlocutors edition, stressing that those who are involved in the activities of groups are now trying to present themselves as a victim.

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