The worsening situation in the Donbass | Colonel Cassad



The sharp aggravation of the situation in the Donbas.

To the DNI on all fronts, in all directions of fighting did not abate all night until the morning. In Donetsk, the main epicenter of the fighting ensued in the area of 71 km from Airport, 71km, Yakovlevka — Mineral, Putilovka, Spartacus, the outskirts of Yasinovataya under heavy artillery fire ukronatsistov 04:40, from multiple firing positions near Avdeyevka.

Because of the shelling APU six villages in the South of the DNI were left without electricity. At the moment, the day Yasinovatskiy filtering station is de-energized, the broken lines, after the shelling of AFU positions. Hladkivka (Donetsk) and some Central areas of the city do not have water. The militia suffered losses.
It remains unclear the fate of yasinovatskiy checkpoint, which today flew all the calibers ukrov until MLRS “Uragan”.

Now the details:

last night in Donetsk

Reports from residents and militias:

the lighthouse, the horror, the dog coward does not know where to hide.
Printing. Some of deja vu. More reminiscent of January 2015.

– Wow like! In 2014, we at the railway markets closed!

– 12:14 and our and us has started to pile with artillery. Stoners Twitter is already celebrating, Peremoga, saying that “on Monday, the battle for Donetsk”. Very loud everywhere…

– Donetsk iron in all directions. Already injured, a lot. Among the dead (while previously), the Greek commander of the “Vostok”. The head is silent. Pushilin is silent. Th there, boys, field Marshal local flood when there is a counterattack and the counterattack on Kiev? Or already packing their bags?

Makiivka today – a direct hit in the house on Chkalov St.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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