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FSB searching for several more participants of “Humpty Dumpty”

Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis) © Photo from social networks

In search announced several participants of the resource “Humpty Dumpty”, to publish the stolen correspondence to senior Russian officials.

As told to “Rosbaltu” a source familiar with the situation, in the framework of the criminal case investigated by the investigations Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation, declared wanted persons residing in the territory of one of the Baltic countries and in Thailand. They are suspected of committing a crime under article 272 of the criminal code (Illegal access to computer information). According to investigators, the individuals handling the stolen correspondence of civil servants, and then laid out in its public online access.

As previously reported by “Rosbalt”, in October 2016, and the FSB was detained Creator of “Humpty Dumpty,” Vladimir Anikeyev, better known under the pseudonym Lewis. He was seized on arrival from the Ukraine in Saint-Petersburg. Anikeev began to cooperate with the investigation and give detailed testimony.


Answer for “correspondence Surkov”

Vladimir Anikeev on the way to the top of his “creativity” — “Humpty Dumpty” — worked in journalism and PR and was well received in the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

Business Vladimir Anikeev has developed rapidly and has steady income. © Photo from social networks

The correspondent of “Rosbalt” was able to communicate with people well-informed about the “exploits” of Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis) — the Creator of the resource “Humpty Dumpty”, to publish the correspondence of officials. From their story it becomes clear how the guy from Dagestan has created a well established business in the sale of stolen private correspondence. And why in the end, Lewis was arrested by the FSB.

As told sources of “Rosbalt”, Vladimir Anikeev was born in Makhachkala, then destiny brought him to St. Petersburg, where in the 1990-ies he was listed in various media. “To write articles Volodya could not quite. And almost never wrote them. But he was a born scout. Was able to get the right information for articles. Can drink with someone, had an affair with his Secretary, bribe, etc. Gradually, he began to receive a range of communications in various departments and sources”, — said the interlocutor of the Agency.According to them, a new level of work Anikeev came out in 2001, after meeting with a number of St. Petersburg PR. Already in their interest, he began to get some dirt on businessmen and officials. And then, depending on the situation, or this dirt is transferred to the client to interested parties, or officials and businessmen asked for money for his non-proliferation in the media.

Around 2002-2003 Anikeev has decided to expand its capacity for the extraction of dirt, hacking the mail of officials, and entrepreneurs. “Vladimir on the channels found private mailboxes “objects” and gave them various St. Petersburg hackers. Who first “broke” the mail, he received a good reward. The work was carried out simply — by using phishing”, — reported sources of “Rosbalt”. According to them, the first “Golden fish” sailed to Anikeeva in the mid-2000s, when he gained access to the mail of high-ranking St. Petersburg official.Latest to the contents of his box has hit the Internet, paid a lot of money. Behind it were forced to make a few more civil servants and businessmen from the Northern capital.

“At the same time Volodya began to frequent the “effective politics Foundation” (close to power in the 2000s, the political consulting firm headed by Gleb Pavlovsky, — “Rosbalt”), there has acquired new connections. In the result, increasingly began to appear in Moscow. Even the entree to the presidential administration. There he was known as a journalist and PR man, or rather the specialist in “black” PR. Not to say that he was close with someone from the top, but some officials spoke with him. And as most of the secretaries and young employees of the AP knew for sure,” said the Agency interlocutor.

Photo from social networks

Business correspondence has gradually come to the Federal level. To Anikeeva began to contact clients from Moscow who wanted to access the mail of their enemies, in addition, he continued to hack the mailboxes of those people who could pay for the non-proliferation of defamatory information. Along the way, he was engaged in placing a “compromising” articles in the media, organized scenes on TV, etc.

At some point, Vladimir decided to bring the business on correspondence to a new level. He bought professional equipment, with which you can create fake WI-FI network and false-honeycomb mobile operators. When this equipment is included in the area where the “object” ransomware attacks using a phone or tablet, these devices were connected to the Network through the channel controlled Anikeyev. Thus he got access to content that was stored on the gadgets.According to interlocutors of Agency, first Vladimir personally with this equipment spent hours in the favorite places of officials, above all from the presidential administration of the Russian Federation — in the restaurant “Kask” and cafe “chocolate” in area of Ilinka, at Bosco cafe in Gum, etc. Then it began to work its agents.

Downloading all content, caught in a net Anikeeva, who then sent people from his team in Estonia, and Thailand (and later in the Ukraine). And those already versed in the vast array of information, looking for the content officials, representatives of state-owned companies and other persons, contents of boxes and phones which may be of interest. Along the way, Anikeev “manually” extracted content, including through the secretaries of the AP, with whom he had very warm relations. First, all the dirt was trying to sell through personal connections.But it was a threat, and the body of information every day becoming more.

Photo from social networks

As a result, it was decided to launch the project “Humpty Dumpty”, whose members took on pseudonyms from the works of “Alice in Wonderland”. He Anikeev called himself Lewis — in honor of the founder of the Lewis Carroll tale. The project immediately became a number of publications on the Internet. “As a result, in addition to the stolen content, he has suffered the correspondence of officials and businessmen, various people who wanted it leaked, but it looked like it was the work of hackers.On the website “Humpty Dumpty” was a significant number of correspondence, which could not “leak” or by using phishing or — false-hundred and pseudo-WI-FI” — believes the source Agency.

The main goal of the Lewis made the foreign correspondence has evolved into a large and profitable business. “Selling at auction the contents of the boxes with bitcoins, of course, brought some profit. But the basic tools that the correspondence was not included in the Network or, conversely, appeared on “the Humpty-Boltai”, were paid in cash in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Therefore, as Anikeev tried not to appear in Russia, it has not worked.In addition to the two Russian capitals, he spent much time in Ukraine, where he made lots of friends and girlfriends, personally founded or participated in the creation of many sites for “compromising” direction or put other people’s correspondence. He also was a frequent visitor to Thailand because he loved this country. Besides, lived there and cultivated arrays of stolen content, several members of the team “Humpty Dumpty”.

The news Agency believe that a successful career Lewis interrupted for several reasons. First, he began to publish a lot of content on the basis of personal political convictions. “Secondly, Vladimir in the strength of his character could not work with one influential group. Today it one, tomorrow — others. Could simultaneously work on several competing groups, each swearing loyalty” — note the sources of “Rosbalt”.

Photo from social networks

As a result, the unit, headed by an information security Center (Tsib) of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov, had been instructed to “work” with resource “Humpty Dumpty”. The direct perpetrator was counterintelligence Dmitry Dokuchaev. The staff of the CDC was able to calculate all team members “Humpty Dumpty”, including Lewis. No arrests then followed. In the summer of 2016 were searched in the structures associated with the “Humpty-Dumpty”. It is known that Mikhailov met with representatives of the group.And then the resource has changed its colour, it began to appear a large number of “podloman”, as obviously someone passed the correspondence, and it touched on the interests of serious. After last summer, there was talk that “Humpty Dumpty” new handler.

In the fall of 2016, it became known that in the hands of Lewis is the correspondence of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov and he organizes it (perhaps in revised form) placement on Ukrainian sites. “Curator Lee asked Volodya, or he got her and because of his political beliefs decided to put unknown. As already said, take all the time led a double and even a triple play. Well and finished badly,” — said the source Agency.In the result during the operational combination of Lewis in October 2016 lured to St. Petersburg under the pretext of receiving large sums for the same job. However, instead of a suitcase with the money in his Northern capital waited for field investigators of FSB. To prevent the publication of the “correspondence Surkov,” it’s already failed. Some team members are “Humpty Dumpty” (particularly in the Ukraine and Thailand) continue to work with the old content, which has accumulated a lot. Some of them wanted.

Anikeyev was detained and then arrested. SU FSB charged him under article 272 of the criminal code (Illegal access to computer information). Lewis literally the second interrogation began to cooperate with the investigation and give information of everything that he knows. What exactly reported by Anikeev, is unclear. However, it is possible to draw certain conclusions from the fact that in December 2016, were detained members of the CDC Mikhailov and Dokuchaev. At the same time resigned from his post of chief of staff Surkov, Aleksandr Pavlov.The newspaper “Vedomosti” connected latest personnel change with the leak of “the correspondence of Surkov” the Ukrainian site.

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