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Today the Production complex of the Russian aircraft Corporation MiG (part of United aircraft Corporation) in Lukhovitsy near Moscow was held the international presentation of the latest modification of the famous lightweight fighter MiG-29 – MiG-35 aircraft of the 4++generation.

1. The production hall you can see 3 of the MiG-35 in various stages of Assembly

2. Externally, the MiG-35 is similar to the MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M/M2, but does not have a tail hook and folding wings




6. The basis of the propulsion system of the MiG-35 – the RD-33MK engines developed by JSC “Klimov” and produced by MMP. V. V. Chernyshev

7. After the speech, the leaders of JSC “UAC” and JSC “RAC “MiG” and a great video clip with comments by the designers of the firm Mikoyan and chief designer of JSC “UAC”, the audience was shown the MiG-35 (blue 702) in all its glory and with the set of arms

8. The latest lightweight fighter was welcomed by Deputy Chairman of Russian Government D. O. Rogozin

9. The commander of the Russian VKS VN. Bondarev said that after testing the MiG-35 will replace the MiG-29

10. Under the intake manifold on a chassis suspended optical-electronic container

11. After the presentation, guests were brought to the airfield, where it was possible to observe the preparations for the departure of another of the MiG-35 (blue 712)

12. Moment, without hesitation, steer at the start of


14. A short run-up and the gap

15. VIP visitors also taking pictures/shooting video on smartphones

16. and turn


18. Moist air and flying at extremely low altitudes

19. The pilot looks on the guests)


21. and landing

22. additional drop down flaps on the influx of




26. Arrival at berth

27. The pilots of the company Mikoyan

28. Senior test pilot of RAC MiG Mikhail Belyaev

29. Here’s so handsome!

The presentation made a great impression. Thanks to the staff of RSK MiG for the event and for what they continue to create great fighters. Thanks to colleagues and friends of the UAC and RAC MiG for the opportunity to visit Lukhovitsy and enjoy this event!


Stauffenberg was Right!

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