Dugin’s Guideline – The philosophy of Schelling and the Empire of the spirit


Today is the birthday of the greatest German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling. He was born 27 Jan 1775.

Schelling with Hegel, and then Elderlies were three great German nineteenth century, which on the eve of the emergence of Germany as a state created Germany as Idea, as thought, as a mission, as a spiritual intellectual Empire. Although the name of Hegel and his Grand philosophical, political, historical and religious system overshadowed all the merits of Schelling not lower. Moreover, if you carefully deal with Schelling, will become transparent and the most difficult dialectical construction of Hegel. Even though they diverged later in detail, in fact, they are spiritually one.

On Schelling can talk and think forever. Any aspect of his philosophy of freedom, his dialectics, his teachings on philosophical logic of sacred history – can we comprehend individually, not tired to marvel at the spiritual power and subtle penetration of this thinker.

The most important thing in Schelling what he thinks of the world, man and history are not separate from God and metaphysics, as is characteristic of deist thought in modern times and even late in the dry scholasticism, but inextricably binds them. Schelling thinks the world is like a thought of God, and thus creation is not simply the production of a Potter pot, then the pot is left to himself, but the ongoing complicity of God in the world – until that world as such, outside of God and outside His thought disappears, loses all meaning evaporates.

From Schelling is a very important point, made against rising in his time of atheism. Atheists claimed: people have attributed to God or gods in the era of paganism your own feelings, properties, creating a man-made idol. But Schelling says can be just the opposite – the holding of a person, his feelings, his experiences, his emotions, his mistakes – all fabric – even distorted, perverted divine Thoughts?Phrase of the Bible that God created man in his image and likeness Schelling puts it at the forefront of its philosophy: the image of God in man and in the big world you have to understand piercing, sharp. God has laid on us all – more than anything – he gave us Himself. And so our words, deeds, thoughts, our politics and our history – not just the nobodies swarming material on which an abstract Deity coldly looks down from unreachable heights, is the drama of God himself, his pain and his joy, his victory and his grief.God comes into the world, crucified to the world, and the world ceases to be strictly private. The world and people turn into a form of living God himself, become elements vnutribruchinnah issues.

Hence the metaphysics of freedom. Man, according to Schelling as free as free God. But this freedom is simultaneously a power and a burden, opportunity and responsibility. The person making the choice does so not only on its behalf but in the Name or against the name of the person whose image it bears, whose likeness is. Man is responsible for God. Since he got his Idea.

The apotheosis of Schelling’s philosophy was the idea of the story. History for him is the deployment of the divine Thoughts about the world and man, but this deployment does not have a plan, this is the world and people. Schelling, speaking about the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity, correlates them with historical economy – although God himself is timeless, but time is not outside of God. It’s inside him. Therefore, past, present and future has its own divine dimension. So the story is always sacred history, the divine history, God’s story.

Man is called to act in this story is consciously, actively, responsibly. His being completely and entirely historical. Our past is decoding the Divine messages contained in the creation. Our present is a choice. But not a choice on the part for God or against Him, is in some deep sense, the choice of God Himself through us. And finally, the future is the movement of people to the Revelation of God, to God the next century. To the realm of the Holy spirit. The story covers all. Including policy. So, the policy is also located inside sacred time.The conclusion is that Schelling: the goal of humanity is the building of an Empire of the spirit, in which God the next century will be able to find a place of full disclosure.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” of Schelling and of the Empire of the spirit.

Our time is pathologically lacking a connection with history. Our philosophy has lost touch with the tradition of real authentic thinking. Our politics lacks the Supreme absolute of the spiritual horizon. Listen to Schelling as he speaks to us.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

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