Third detainee in the case of an employee of “Kaspersky Lab” was a major |

Third detainee in the case of an employee of “Kaspersky Lab” was a major
Loud cyberbrands in the center of which was a member of “Kaspersky Lab”, will be continued. According to the source of the journalists of REN TV, treason, in addition to the Deputy information security center of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov was detained the major of FSB Dmitry Dokuchaev. According to some, Dokuchaev was in obedience Mikhailov.

On the eve of “Kaspersky Lab” has confirmed the arrest of the head of Department of investigation of computer incidents Ruslan Stoyanov.

The source channel reported that Stoyanov was allegedly developed a Trojan virus, which has been implemented in a computer system banks. With the help of this malware a hacker has allegedly obtained financial information which has confidential status.

CI REN TV considers that this data is through one of the former Soviet republics were sold to the West. The source said that Deputy national security Sergei Mikhailov was suspected that he, knowing that the hacker gained access to financial data of Bank customers did not report it to law enforcement. The source did not rule out that the FSB officer received a reward.

The representative of the press service of “Kaspersky Lab” says that the detention Stoyanov happened back in December and that he was arrested as a private person. According to the source, Stoyanov has developed a virus before their work in “Kaspersky Lab”.


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