The cookies run out | Colonel Cassad

Tyrion Lannister


Victoria Nuland still leaves the US Department of State along with the rest of the team of John Kerry. For some time there was talk that it may remain “as expert on Ukraine and Russia” and it will include the team Tillerson. Insisted on it, some senators wish to ensure “continuity” of the political course of the USA in Eastern Europe, in order to break with the old course Obama was not too sharp, and the administration, trump would not have committed to this direction hasty steps. But apparently with Nuland the new team was not satisfied, and she was turned away at the door, and then stated that she in fact was offered nothing.

It is worth remembering that for all the jokes about “cookies Nuland”, it has a respectable share of responsibility for the coup d’etat and unleashed in Ukraine a civil war.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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